BITCOIN Growth * Bitcoin number of transactions (excluding popular addresses):   * Bitcoin number of unique addresses used: – Nick Szabo   2014 Price  Bitcoin price continues to bounce with another USMS auction coming up soon. As time winds down $817 by this Christmas seems increasingly unlikely supporting the idea that on price, this is just […]

BITCOIN The Separation of Money and State Removing money from monopolistic state control is the single greatest thing that could ever happen to the cause of human freedom. It won’t cause the state to fall, of course, but the nation state lives on its money monopoly above all else. That’s it main source of power. […]

BITCOIN Bitcoin Developers Bitcoin developer community > 10,000, with half of them in US – Siddharth Verma   Github The most important stat related to Bitcoin is number of Github repos. – Chris Dixon, Andreessen Horowitz   Bitcoin Days Destroyed Early Bitcoin adopters were selling in summer ’11, April ’13, and during last winter … but […]

MONTHLY REPORT – OCTOBER 2014 BITCOIN The 5th of October in Bitcoin Price History 2010: $0.06 2011: $4.90 +82x 2012: $12.75 +2.6x 2013: $121.49 +9.5x 2014: $304.16 +2.5x – Konrad S. Graf   Growth in the Bitcoin Ecosystem: September 2013 – September 2014 Wallets = 5x Merchants = 8x All Time VC Investment = 10x […]

BITCOIN Transactions / Price / Volatility * Average daily bitcoin transaction volume at all time high – Barry Silbert * If bitcoin price had gone in a straight line from 1yr ago to now (~$200-325), story would be about the amazing ecosys dev we’ve seen in 2014 – Dan McArdle * Consider that if data on […]

BITCOIN A Real Economy * Bitcoin is poorly understood because it runs on real economics, not on keynesian or whatever bullshit is taught at schools – Oleg Andreev * This is about making their structure irrelevant – bravetheworld   Volatility * Bitcoin is not volatile because it is not anchored or pegged to something else. […]

BITCOIN Investing in Bitcoin Bitcoin is a classic venture capital endeavor: It will either work or it won’t. And if it doesn’t work, we will lose all our money. But if it does work, it will work in a spectacular way. Our investments will pay off 1,000 to 1 or 10,000 to 1 or some […]


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