Monday 21st October 2013


1 Bitcoin = $182




This service allows people to rent out their homes for a couple of days. It offers competitive prices compared to hotels and gets around the whole of the regulatory apparatus, zoning control, union monopolies, and other barriers to entry. Of course, in some states, hotel cartels aren’t happy



Taxis have their licenses, which drive up fares. It’s a cozy and well-protected cartel. Uber lets you get around this system, finding great rides in clean cars for better fares—all while checking (gasp! unlicensed) chauffeurs with reputation ratings


XCor, SpaceX, and lots of other groups are getting into the private space race. They’re doing NASA—only better, faster, and cheaper




Want to evade the surveillance state? Bitmessage is the latest in crypto communications, poised to replace email. A few more tweaks on the user interface, and we are good to go.



An encrypted email service, Mailpile easily beat their crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo. Modern fast mail client with user friendly encryption and privacy features. Open source. Using open PGP, not commercially available PGP keys which are implicated in the NSA releases. Decentralized hosting, unlike Lavabit. You host the mail, you are your own mail server (you host it on you laptop, computer, or even a USB drive not connected to the internet). Your database is your own. The only thing that will get in the way of the NSA is decentralized data. The cloud movement has to end. It’s dead, it should be dead.



Honduran Startup Cities

Honduran startup cities are a new experiment worth watching.

China’s Special Economic Zones

China is “rezoning” for prosperity.



One of the earliest examples of entrepreneurial ventures that will take people to the sea in search of opportunity and superior rule sets



Jeffrey Tucker & Max Borders

Jason Calacanis. This Week in Startups


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