Monday 28th October



1 Bitcoin = $188



Merchants on China’s version of eBay — Alibaba’s — are starting to accept bitcoins, but the price is really being driven by speculators, says Bobby Lee, the CEO of BTC China (now the worlds largest exchange). “I think the Chinese really look to bitcoin as an excellent digital store of value, sort of like the new electronic version of gold.” – Bobby Lee


A Global Asset Register

People have missed that Bitcoin is not just digital cash or money. The secret is that it’s not perfectly fungible.  You can tell every single piece of currency in the system from any another. It’s actually a very sophisticated public, globally distributed asset register. Those things that we are moving around that we call Bitcoins are individually identifiable, and associated with an owner who’s the only person who can spend it. There’s no reason that I as an individual I can’t assert that Bitcoin is actually worth 100 shares of Twitter and wherever that moves to, whoever owns it on the day the dividend is paid, they receive the dividend rather than somebody else. It’s not difficult to see that system being used to build the next generation central securities depository or custodian bank. The technology is very generalized and it’s not just a currency and payment system – Richard Brown




Offers new tools for diversification. Offers new indexes that automatically diversify across all the currencies, just like someone who wishes to buy stocks can buy Nasdaq, the S&P 500, and other indices. So we are developing indices for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space – Ron Gross



Ripple is around $1 billion, and most people don’t realize this. Up until a few weeks ago most people could complain that Ripple is closed-source, and not really decentralized; I think that these claims are starting to wear off as they are now open-source and maybe they will be truly decentralized in the future –  Ron Gross



The Cyprus Stock Market is Down 98% from It’s 2007 Peak

There is usually opportunity in disaster. Jim Rogers



Online Pharmacies

There was a big effort by the FDA to shut them down. Hundreds of online pharmacies were taken down, but now there are more than ever and the service is better, the prices are cheaper and you can get to them. Thanks to the free market we have a currency we can use on them. It’s now possible for any person to completely secede from the pharmaceutical cartel and therefore the dependence on the prescription racket, right now – Jeffrey Tucker



A great company. Perhaps the Google of education in 10 years – Jason Calacanis



How to Vanish

Roger Ver endorses How to Vanish founder Trace Myers for the Bitcoin Foundation – Roger Ver



Las Vegas

Ardon Lukasiewicz, brother of Coinsetter CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz, is all-in on bitcoin and brick-and-mortar casinos. “I’d like to pursue Las Vegas as the bitcoin mega-destination,” he says. Lukasiewicz is the CEO of Bitmarks, a company that plans to offer frictionless movement for gambling money via the use of bitcoin – Ardon Lukasiewicz



The weekly Tokyo Bitcoin meetup in Roppongi is hosted by Ken Shishido. In some ways, this feels like the heart of the bitcoin world. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous someone known as Satoshi Nakamoto — whom many assume is Japanese — and Tokyo is home to Mt. Gox. Shishido is determined to make Tokyo “the largest bitcoin community in the world.” – Ken Shishido



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