Monthly Archives: November 2013

Monday 25th November

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $783   China China just passed US in number of Bitcoin nodes. China is winning the new currency war before it even starts. – Erik Voorhees   Paypal In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin was used to transfer even more money than Paypal! $418M vs $397M for Paypal. – […]

Monday 18th November

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $585   Bitcoin Needs to Scale by A Factor of 1,000 to Compete with Visa Right now, the Bitcoin network is only capable of processing around 7 transactions per second. For comparison, the Visa network is designed to handle peak volumes of 10,000 transactions per second. So far, that hasn’t been […]

Monday 11th November

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $339   Coinometrics Where does #bitcoin sit with respect to Narrow Money Stock (M1) of other countries?  – Jon Matonis   ALT-COINS Peercoin The third largest cryptocurrency in the world is peercoin ($8.7m market cap) . It isn’t doing too badly having just been accepted as an official currency by new Canadian exchange […]

Monday 4th November

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $225   Cyprus Could Lead Bitcoin Adoption Cyprus has got Neo which is a brick and mortar bank, and the Bee payment network which is a first of it’s kind way for people to spend Bitcoin in real space the same way they would a credit card. The CEO of Neo and the […]