Monday 4th November



1 Bitcoin = $225


Cyprus Could Lead Bitcoin Adoption

Cyprus has got Neo which is a brick and mortar bank, and the Bee payment network which is a first of it’s kind way for people to spend Bitcoin in real space the same way they would a credit card. The CEO of Neo and the Bee Payment network Danny Brewster did an AMA on Reddit just last month – Derrick J. Freeman


The Internet of Things

Bitcoin may be a very good fit to the ‘internet of things’, the idea that all our stuff will be connected to the Internet and talk to each other.  A vending machine wouldn’t have to report back to its owners when its coin box is full or it has run out of Coke; it could directly order and pay for a refill from whichever warehouse is offering the best price, and pass on the profit directly to its owners – who’ll end up having to do far less work. You can’t do that efficiently with card-based systems: it’s a no-brainer with cryptocurrencies – John Law


Soft Touch POS

Soft Touch are developing a Point of Sale system for restaurants that will integrate Bitcoin and allow payments just like cash. People at a regular restaurant will be able to spend their Bitcoin and it will seem like cash to the restaurant – Derrick J. Freeman




I like Myanmar. There aren’t many stocks you can buy there, and they’re just building a stock market. But Nok Airlines [NOK.Thailand] is a regional airline making inroads there. In the long run I’m excited about Myanmar – Jim Rogers



Liberty Classroom

To my #Bitcoin friends: my now accepts Bitcoin! Thanks to @ErikVoorhees for working on me. #tlot – Tom Woods


Location Centric Ambient Intelligence

Google Glass is an interesting thing. It’s ushering in something inevitable, which is wearable computing that unlocks ambient intelligence in your environment. That’s really important. As a business person to leverage that behavior of what’s coming with wearable computing, that’s something to put on your radar. As a user it’s incredibly empowering. If I’m walking down the street and I’m getting real time information on this restaurant, on this shop, on this place, which other people will gladly leave me that information, I just need the tool to unlock it as I’m moving. Then that becomes extremely powerful.

The opportunities for massive wealth creation always exist in centralizing and adding value to decentralized markets, and in my opinion nobody owns that right now, it’s fair game for anybody. It’s the same with virtual currencies – Jon Myers



The Dark Mail Alliance

Just a few days ago, the founders of SilentMail and LavaBit announced a new partnership called the Dark Mail Alliance. Their aim is to create a universal, secure, open source email platform with robust defenses against spying. And it will be cross-functional with just about ANY email provider, automatically creating peer-to-peer encryption via ephemeral secret keys.

This is a great development in online privacy. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about email encryption options, voice calls, chat, and cloud storage, check out our free report to digital privacy– How to Give the NSA the Finger (without them ever knowing). – Simon Black



Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Shanghai Free-trade Zone is the first Hong Kong-like free trade area in mainland China. The Shanghai FTZ is in the city’s Pudong New Area, including the Waigaoqiao duty-free zone and Yangshan port. It may eventually expand to cover the entire Pudong district.- South China Morning Post


TechCrunch China

I’m glad to participate in @technodechina’s @Techcrunch conference’s #Bitcoin panel in #Shanghai Nov 18-20! – Roger Ver




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