Monday 11th November



1 Bitcoin = $339



Where does #bitcoin sit with respect to Narrow Money Stock (M1) of other countries?  – Jon Matonis




The third largest cryptocurrency in the world is peercoin ($8.7m market cap) . It isn’t doing too badly having just been accepted as an official currency by new Canadian exchange Vault of Satoshi. A local face-to-face peercoin exchange is also launching, and efforts are been made to get specialist event organizers to use peercoin as their official currency.

Comparatively, litecoin’s market cap is almost eight times as much, and you could fit peercoin into bitcoin 322 times. This shows just how consolidated the cryptocurrency market is – Danny Bradbury



Elray Gaming JV  to Launch Major Bitcoin Exchange in Asia

Elray Resources, Inc (OTCBB:ELRA), through its online gaming and turnkey
solution subsidiary Elray Gaming, announces Joint Venture with one of Asia’s leading Social Game Developers. The Asian Social Gaming Operator has over 80 Million users and is growing rapidly – The Wall Street Journal



Space X

They have over $4 billion in backlog. The’ve been profitable 6 years in a row. They are perhaps one of the most financially interesting companies, under the covers, that we’ve ever seen. – Steve Jurvetson


Form 1

Form 1, an affordable desktop 3D printer founded by designers and engineers from MIT Media Labs . Has Raised $3mill on a $100,000 goal on Kickstarter. A cheaper, better, faster 3D printer. – Jason Calacanis



Dark Wallet

Cody Wilson and his co-founder Amir Taaki decided it was important to add new protections. To accomplish this, Taaki and developer Pablo Martin built a protocol called “trustless mixing.” This tactic, which will be built into Dark Wallet, allows a group of Bitcoin users to mix their coins together into one big transaction before it is encoded into the “blockchain,” the currency’s public ledger – Cody Wilson



Anonymize your search. I love duckduckgo –  Jason Calacanis



The Netherlands

Dutch online food order market leader (800,000 orders/month) now accepts payments in Bitcoin: . The Netherlands is number 8 in active #Bitcoin nodes worldwide – Jon Matonis


Shanghai – Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park

Bitcoin acceptance in China has now extended into real estate , with a residential developer in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech park in Shanghai finding a new way to promote sales through the acceptance of Bitcoin – Zennon Kapron


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