Monday 18th November



1 Bitcoin = $585


Bitcoin Needs to Scale by A Factor of 1,000 to Compete with Visa

Right now, the Bitcoin network is only capable of processing around 7 transactions per second. For comparison, the Visa network is designed to handle peak volumes of 10,000 transactions per second.

So far, that hasn’t been a problem because Bitcoin users are only generating around 1 transaction per second. But if the Bitcoin economy continues to grow, it’s only a matter of time before that limit becomes a problem. – Tim B Lee / Mike Hearn



Google Coins

Google will launch its own currency (or buy one like Ripple) and start transacting in a global black box. Don’t be surprised if Google “buys a country” essentially, and places their global HQ in a jurisdiction that allows them to transact in Google Coins. I could give you the inside information about Google currency discussions, but that would be too gratuitous. They’ll share them when they’re ready.

Every Google product you buy will come with Google Coins – from phones to laptops to Gmail accounts. Google will take cover by giving 1% of all coins issued to the developing world via Of course, those donations will be funneled to their own projects like Google Loon – keeping that money in the Google ecosystem for all time. – Jason Calacanis



Alix Resources Corp

A Canadian mining company agreed to pay a contractor in Bitcoins for exploration work to be carried out at a property that contains tungsten.

“We are a mining exploration company so yes, this is a bit different. There’s a lot of expectations that Bitcoins are going higher, so why not start accumulating? We want to take advantage of this niche, this explosive sector”

The shares rose 33 percent to 4 Canadian cents in Toronto on trading volume 17 times the three-month average, giving Alix a market value of C$2 million ($1.9 million). – Michael England / Eric Lam



Larry Page’s benchmark for success: moon shots and 10x ideas. Google’s founders have no interest in giving dividends or doing stock buybacks. 200 years from now, few will know that Google started as a search engine. They’ll probably think of it as the company that cured cancer, made the internet free for humanity and built self-driving cars.

Conquering the world, learning to fly like birds, reaching the moon, creating the bomb and inventing the United States will all pale in the shadow of just a small percentage completion of Google’s current plans. – Jason Calacanis

1. Free Internet Everywhere for Every Human for Life

2. Data, Machine Learning & Quantum Computing

3. Wearable & Implantable Computing

4. Venture Capital, Funding & Currency

5. Media

6. Life Extension

7. Alternative Energy & Nuclear

8. Transportation, Driverless Cars



Tesla & Space X

There’s no doubt Google will buy Tesla Motors, enabling Elon to have a $100b in cash to invest in Mars (fair trade IMO). Only one CEO is more ambitious than Google’s Larry Page. The only person he can’t catch is Elon Musk at this point, and I’m fairly convinced the lead investor in the Mars mission will be Google and then some other, you know, nation states.

Certainly Google Quantum computing team will be on loan to SpaceX in the coming decades. – Jason Calacanis


20 Jobs of the Future

In the past careers were stable, linear and singular. People chose 1 path and pursued it over the course of their lives from college to retirement. In our modern age of technology driven exponential change – this model no longer works. Careers are now complex, fragmented, specialized, collaborative and ever evolving. More often than not, our work life will be made up of a portfolio of micro-careers. – Sparksandhoney




A few blocks west of Zhongguancun, a technology hub in the capital, wannabe entrepreneurs gather in a coffeehouse named Garage to share ideas and meet potential investors. It allows users to pay in Bitcoin. – Wu Hongyuran and Zheng Fei



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