Monthly Archives: December 2013

Monday 30th December

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $737   Volatility Bitcoin volatility has already become smaller than it was in the early days –Bitcoin Volatility   Asia’s Richest Man Invests in Bitpay The Bitcoin ecosystem may have found its biggest individual backer yet in Li Ka-shing, Asia’s richest man. Li is now an investor in Atlanta-based BitPay, the […]

Monday 23rd December

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $640   Bitcoin Awareness in Emerging Markets When asked “have you ever heard of Bitcoin before today,” 48% of Indonesian respondents said yes, followed by 45% in Vietnam, and 34% in the Philippines — all Asian countries. South Africa and Mexico had the lowest response rates of 13% and 16% respectively […]

Monday 16th December

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $705   Wall Street We’re three to six months away from Wall Street dollars moving into Bitcoin in a big way. In the near term the price volatility is only going to get worse. We haven’t seen anything yet. Once Wall Street starts putting money into Bitcoin — we’re talking about […]

Monday 9th December

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $936   Cash for Bitcoin Services in the UK UK residents will soon be able to walk into one of 28,000 shops across the nation and pay for bitcoins in cash, thanks to a new deal forged by ZipZap. The global cash payment network has partnered with a well-known but as-yet-un-named company […]

Monday 2nd December

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $998   Bitcoin Mints Its First Billionaire: Its Inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto In January of 2009, Satoshi started mining the first crop of bitcoin, creating what is known as the “genesis block.” By year-end, over 32,000 blocks had been added to this original block, producing a total of 1,624,250 bitcoins. Since all […]