Monday 9th December



1 Bitcoin = $936


Cash for Bitcoin Services in the UK

UK residents will soon be able to walk into one of 28,000 shops across the nation and pay for bitcoins in cash, thanks to a new deal forged by ZipZap.

The global cash payment network has partnered with a well-known but as-yet-un-named company in the UK. The company is looking to start offering its cash-for-bitcoins service in the UK in early January.

The company aims to expand to the rest of the EU, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, eventually growing to offer its services at over two million locations across the world. – Emily Spaven


One of the Most Important Tools for Human Freedom Ever Conceived.

The Bitcoin network is probably one of the most valuable and consequential technologies currently on the planet. Some of us realized this a few years ago. Others are realizing it now. Many more will realize it in the future. The Bitcoin network is, fundamentally, a ledger of title controlled by no man. Ponder that for a moment. The transmission of value and ownership has thus just been severed from the State, not by impotent voting, but by the technological achievement of man.

The Bitcoin network is an utterly revolutionary technology. It separates money from the state, in a way that gold, unfortunately, has been unable to do.

When fully understood, Bitcoin should bring tears to the eyes of anyone who fights against the tyranny and ignorance of coercive governments and their monetary witch doctors. This is why thousands of people around the world have dedicated their lives to this campaign. We are carrying out this experiment without anyone’s permission. We’ll either fail, or change the world in a way that was inconceivable before this technology existed.

This is not theory – it’s actually working for millions of dollars of payments every day. We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market – Erik Voorhees




In Canada they are going to be running MintCoin. The sovereign currencies are coming. It’s like a governmental issued Bitcoin. It’s going to be centralized by the government. If you look forward 3-5 years, that’s what’s coming. Bitcoin set the pace for this and it will probably emerge as its own thing, but I certainly see governments starting to use this as a replacement for paper cash for a number of reasons. It’s a lot cheaper to produce and it’s impossible to counterfeit (so far) – Steve Beauregard


It’s Not a Limited Supply of 21 Million

There could be a lot of value in Bitcoin’s payment system. But if it’s not proprietary, if it’s not protected by patents, if there could be hundreds or thousands of competing identical coins that are circulating around, then the potential supply of digital currency is not 21 million, it’s unlimited.

If all Bitcoin has is that it was first, I don’t know if Bitcoin is My Space or is it Facebook, or is there something else that’s going to out Facebook Facebook? I don’t even know that people are going to be using Facebook in 10 years. We don’t know – Peter Schiff


An Unlimited Supply of Crypto-Currency Units

Bitcoin cannot really be copied. True, the open-source code can be copied and the copier could release CopyCoin (indeed this is happening all the time). But, the copier cannot copy the infrastructure. The protocol layer is easily copied. The infrastructure layer is not.

On Day 1 of Bitcoin, it had no infrastructure layer. I can tell you, as an entrepreneur in this space for the past few years, Bitcoin’s infrastructure layer is now substantial. Indeed, I am sitting in my office, and looking at my employees building this very infrastructure as I write this. Their work, and that of many thousands of others around the world, is not so easily replicated – Erik Voorhees



Skype used to be the most secure instant messaging system and I have frequently recommended it on this basis.

After purchasing Skype, Microsoft replaced its peer to peer architecture with a central server architecture.   There is no good reason for doing this other than to spy on everyone – Jim’s Blog

Lee at Weekly Global Research – I’m using Line (based in Japan). If anyone wants to chat about Bitcoin or ask questions about any of the other topics I discuss, feel free to add me:

My Line ID = lee3740




The Financial Capital of the World

GoCoin is domiciled in Singapore, which is certainly the financial capital of SE Asia and arguably now the world – Steve Beauregard


The Singapore Stock Exchange

An MoU was signed by representatives of the Singapore Exchange and Hong Kong Exchange to combine their forces in rolling out more financial products denominated in Chinese renminbi.

This is huge. Hong Kong and Singapore are THE two dominant financial centers in Asia. For years they’ve been locked in competition with one another, much like New York and London. So their public partnership is a very big deal… indicative of the clear objective they have in front of them.

We’ll soon see more financial products– oil, gold, Fortune 500 corporate bonds, etc. denominated in renminbi and traded in Asia. And as trade in these renminbi products grows, the dollar will be closer and closer to its reckoning day.- Simon Black



Shanghai Tops International Education Ranking

When it comes to mathematics, reading and science, young people in Shanghai are the best in the world, according to a global education survey.

In all three subjects, Shanghai students demonstrated knowledge and skills equivalent to at least one additional year of schooling than their peers in countries like the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom – Sophie Brown


China’s Renminbi Overtakes the Euro

The renminbi has already surpassed the euro to become the #2 most-used currency in the world when it comes to trade settlement.

Right now the renminbi has about an 8.6% share of the global market for trade settlement. Granted, the dollar has the lion’s share of trade settlement at more than 80%. But just look at how quickly the renminbi has grown; in January 2012, its share of the global market was just 1.9%. So it’s grown by nearly a factor of 5x in less than two years – Simon Black





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