Monday 6th January



1 Bitcoin = $935


Bitcoin’s Sixth Year Likely Driven by Institutional Participation

Major sell-side banks like Citi, NAB, and BaML have published formal research on the industry.

CNBC now has a dedicated section for bitcoin that contains their near-daily coverage over the last quarter, with even the Wall Street Journal publishing on the topic at a similar pace

Growing interest from traditional financial firms will likely have a profoundly different impact than the technology enthusiast or day-trading speculators who have been largely responsible for bitcoin’s growth to this point – The Genesis Block


Fortress is Forming a Bitcoin Fund

Multi-billion dollar investment manager dives into Bitcoin craze.

There likely is some relationship to a new Bitcoin-related fund raised by Pantera Capital, a San Francisco-based hedge fund whose clients are known to include several Fortress executives.

Pantera founder Dan Morehead declined to discuss his Bitcoin efforts or relationship to Fortress – including if his effort and the Fortress fund were one in the same – but an SEC filing indicates that he already has raised around $150 million for Bitcoin vehicle, and Pantera recently participated in a VC round for crypto-currency payment network Ripple Labs – Dan Primack



Record 66% of Bitcoin trade is happening on a chinese exchange Huobi. So much for PBOC’s warnings. Andreev



Though a joke, is actually one of the most important milestones in recent history. Anyone can now start a currency. Balaji S. Srinivasan

Alt-coin generator  is great. It should help make it obvious that non-technically-differentiated alts are worthless – Robustus


Litecoin Leads Bitcoin in Dramatic Price Move

A massive leap in LTC / USD was followed shortly thereafter by a similar climb in XBT / USD. For litecoin to so visibly and dramatically lead trading is relatively unprecedented and largely unexpected.

Despite having a lower overall USD-equivalent capitalization, trading volume in litecoin actually exceeded that of bitcoin on BTC-e, the leading exchange on which they’re both traded. In particular, LTC volume was consistently greater during the period of dramatic price volatility, further adding to the notion that litecoin activity actually drove bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin maintains a total cumulative market size some 15x larger than litecoin – The Genesis Block




Just found out today you can buy shares of CryptsyPajama Rich


Bitsmith Virtual Mining (BSVM)

BSVM is absolutely skyrocketing on cryptostocks and still paying a huge mining dividend every three days – Pajama Rich


Cheap Chinese Stocks

12-month forward price-earnings ratio of 7.8 for Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong, according to data compiled by Bloomberg – William Mellor and Clarissa Batino




Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees and Vitalik Buterin join KryptoKit in ownership roles – KryptoKit



Dark Mail

Email is broken – but Dark Mail alliance is aiming to fix it. Edward Snowden’s email provider is teaming up with secure communications firm Silent Circle to try and fix email for good – Alex Hern



Hong Kong

The bitcoin revolution is shifting to the east, say the Americans behind the world’s first cash machine for the virtual currency, as they prepare to open a second one – in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong beat off stiff competition from New York and Singapore, said Robocoin chief executive Jordan Kelley. There was so much enthusiasm for bitcoin in Asia that establishing a presence in the region was vital, he said. – Danny Lee and Joanna Chiu



Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) will not allow the installation of Bitcoin ATMs in the country because it believes Bitcoins are not a currency and should therefore not be accepted by individuals or banks as payment, said FSC chairman Tseng Ming-chung – Catherine Shu



At various times, the city has served as China’s Detroit, its garment district, and its Silicon Valley.

Now, as the world’s scientists focus with increasing intensity on transforming the genetic codes of every living creature into information that can be used to treat and ultimately prevent disease, Shenzhen is home to a different kind of factory: B.G.I., formerly called Beijing Genomics Institute, the world’s largest genetic-research center.

With 178 machines to sequence the precise order of the billions of chemicals within a molecule of DNA, B.G.I. produces at least a quarter of the world’s genomic data—more than Harvard University, the National Institutes of Health, or any other scientific institution – Michael Specter






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