Monday 13th January



1 Bitcoin = $818



To clarify: we have no policies against using PayPal to sell Bitcoin mining rigs. We don’t support any currency txn whether fiat or BTC for a host of regulatory issues. But we treat BTC and any FX txn the same way. We’re believers in BTC though – David Marcus (President of Paypal)

Paypal can’t make it any clearer. Once they have the regulatory stuff sorted then they will be taking Bitcoin. When PayPal start taking Bitcoin don’t just think what will happen to the BTC price but what about PayPal shares? – Bacon Bangkok



#Bitcoin‘s first full day on was a huge success: 840 orders, $130,000 in sales. Almost all new customers. #stunned Patrick Byrne (Overstock CEO)

Patrick Byrne said he believes Amazon will be forced to accept Bitcoin at some point, as he claims the market is growing at 30% per month and that the company would be foolish to cede that market to others – Joe Weisenthal




A Turing-Complete Cryptocurrency

At first glance, looks awesome. Best altcoin so far – Ryan X. Charles


Zynga’s Impact on Alt-Coins

BTC is out of reach of kids, but they can mine primecoin or dogecoin and trade up since there’s no minimum age req! #wow

Kids can mine their own coins to pay for their gaming habits. It will grow virally – Bryce Weiner


Monetary Experiments

I want to see every Econ 101 student implement their own crypto currency, with deflationary or inflationary rules as they choose #bitcoin Jeff Garzik



First Myanmar Investment

After an “overwhelming” response to the initial offering of 2,500,000 new ordinary shares, which was sold in its entirety. Unable to meet demand the investment holding company has opened an additional 10 percent for purchase.

The capital raise from the first round issue was to be earmarked for projects including Thilawa Special Economic Zone subscription, FMI Air, Meeyahta International Hotel and a downtown Yangon mixed-use acreage. – Bridget Di Certo



Will Bitcoin be the solution to Colorado Marijuana Distributors’ Banking Problems?

Interesting to see Colorado‘s legal marijuana dispensary industry turning to bitcoin  via @coindesk – Barry Silbert


The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation … These are the guys that need to adopt #bitcoin tech or face extinction – Robustus




An NSA-proof Twitter, built with code from Bitcoin and BitTorrent – Klint Finley



At a recent RSA Security Conference, a man approached Wickr’s Nico Sell and introduced himself as an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He then proceeded to “casually” ask if she’d be willing to install a backdoor into Wickr that would allow the FBI to retrieve information.

It was clear that the FBI agent didn’t know who he was dealing with, because Sell did not back down. Instead, she lectured him on topics ranging from the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution, to George Washington’s creation of a Post Office in the US.

Her lecture concluded, she proceeded to grill the agent. “I asked if he had official paperwork for me, if this was an official request, who his boss was,” said Sell. “He backed down very quickly.” – Max Eddy



OMFG! If you still don’t believe 3D printing at home will change the world in the next 5 years: Araoz



New Hampshire

Bitcoin is gaining acceptance as a currency in the Granite State. Supporters of the Free State Movement, which is very active in New Hampshire, are attracted by the lack of government control, at least for now, over the Bitcoin economy.

The Free State Bitcoin Consortium, which meets every Saturday, at 6:30 p.m. in the Strange Brew Tavern is one of the most active and well-attended Bitcoin meetups in the world. The group has a Facebook page with 438 members – Dave Soloman


Thoughts from Lee at Weekly Global Research

Blockchain and Bitpay are growing at a stunning rate:

Blockchain Wallets:

Jan 2013 =100,000

Nov 2013=500,000

Jan 2014 = 1million

Nov 2014 = ?


Merchants using Bitpay

Sept 2012 = 1,000 total merchants

Sept 2013 = 10,000 total merchants

Jan 2014 = Adding 1,000 a week

Sept 2014 = ?






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