Monthly Archives: February 2014

Monday 24th February

BITCOIN The Bitcoin economy is growing and expanding by the day, with ever more of a commercial infrastructure. – Jeffrey Tucker   Price Seeing super super new lows in bitcoin pricing- a good time to buy or hold? It’s crazy how low it’s got right? The lowest low of an exchange suspected to be insolvent […]

Monday 17th February

BITCOIN Do u think central banks & govs could kill btc potential if they consider it revolutionary threat instead of evolutionary innovation? The problem with trying to kill it is that it’s just numbers, math, and code. Harder to kill than a person or a company. Of course. but here’s a law: no bit wallets […]

Monday 10th February

BITCOIN Whenever I use Bitcoin, the reality strikes me. There is no way that national monies can survive the competition. The future is so clear. Pulling money away from the State, or at least diminishing the monopoly that governments around the world have on money is going to unleash productivity and innovation like we’ve never […]

Monday 3rd February

BITCOIN 51% of IT Workers Prefer Salaries in Bitcoin I wonder how many realize the _enormous_ ramifications of over half of US IT workers now prefering #bitcoin over USD. … – Falkvinge Merchant Adoption There are others of similar stature [to Overstock] in the pipeline. – Coinbase co-founder, Fred Ersham ALT-COINS Marscoin How Marscoin can […]