Monday 3rd February


51% of IT Workers Prefer Salaries in Bitcoin

I wonder how many realize the _enormous_ ramifications of over half of US IT workers now prefering #bitcoin over USD. … Falkvinge

Merchant Adoption

There are others of similar stature [to Overstock] in the pipeline. – Coinbase co-founder, Fred Ersham



How Marscoin can help us fund the first colony in the Solar System – Marscoin


Ripple shilling makes me sick. After this (Susan Athey, Ripple Labs), I will personally make sure that Ripple is revealed as the centralized cop-out they are. Ripple is a great idea, implemented as a centralized system when such centralization was already unnecessary. It will be replaced – Andreas Antonopoulos

What are you talking about? It’s not centralised at all, that is its strength, it decentralises exchanges. – Martijin Meijering

Centralized organization, centralized company. We can do better – Andreas Antonopolous


One of the first applications I’d build on ethereum would be bidirectional ether to bitcoin exchange, a decentralized exchange as an ethereum contract, and then you’ve got some strong linkage to bitcoin. I think the 2 together could work quite nicely as a synergy if I could buy contracts on ethereum with bitcoin. That would be quite a nice useful way to expand the ability of Bitcoin to do smart contracts and at the same time take advantage of the network effect and currency value embedded in bitcoin from all of the investment over the last 5 years.

So I think there’s room for a lot of different alt-coins, a lot of different blockchain solutions and they can all work together quite nicely – Andreas Antonopoulos


I really like how dogecoin is being used for tipping – Kevin Rose

aantonop what are your thoughts on doge turning from joke to serious contender? Is it humbling to you or infuriating? – Joe Roxor

Humbling and has led me to revise my estimates for alt-coins. – Andreas Antonopoulos



Visa’s investor call get’s “what about bitcoin” as its first question. Executives say “we’re comfortable”. “What meteor?” said the dinosaur. – Aundreas Antonopoulos

Quote that will come back to haunt the CEO of Visa: “we feel very comfortable with the business that we have here”. If there’s only one thing that’s clear from the rise of crypto-cur, it’s that Visa & MC business models must fundamentally change. Yet Visa CEO is totally complacent. Reminds me of Kodak, Blockbuster, Borders, RIM… Regardless of #bitcoin specifically, CC model is done – Robustus

Visa is the most obvious short once bitcoin takes hold – Simon Manning

Chinese Banks

China banking today like US 2007: implicit guarantees, maturity mismatches, opaque products, off balance sheet, etc – Jonathan Tepper



Any entity that you see in the Bitcoin community that you have to trust is going to go away. It’s going to cease to exist. Silk Road was a neat concept, but even if they hadn’t been shut down they would have ceased to exist because they acted as a trusted entity. Mt Gox someday will cease to exist. Satoshi’s dream was not that you have to trust a new bunch of trusted entities. His dream was to eliminate these entities entirely. – Chris Odom

OpenTransactions makes all centralized distribution metacoins look like scams. #truthhurts Bryce Weiner



The first cross-country Tesla trip took less than a week and cost $0 – Damon Lavrinc

The Solar Singularity

In 2013 more people installed solar panels than all other years combined  –Lee Banfield


The Netherlands

Pirate Bay Block Lifted In the Netherlands – Slashdot


Imagine what kind of wealth and #prosperity could happen in Honduras with rule of law, security, and transparency! Voice and Exit



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