Monday 10th February


Whenever I use Bitcoin, the reality strikes me. There is no way that national monies can survive the competition. The future is so clear.

Pulling money away from the State, or at least diminishing the monopoly that governments around the world have on money is going to unleash productivity and innovation like we’ve never seen before. This is bigger than railroads. I think it’s bigger than the internet itself. – Jeffrey Tucker


Mt. Gox

TX Maleability is a known implementation issue. Gox not only ignored it but based their refund/withdrawl system on Tx-hash and automated it.

There’s no “new bug”. This has been known since 2011 and only incompetent bunch of clowns would base withdrawal refunds on it. Unanticipated bugs don’t come with year-old wiki pages fully documenting them. Gox is full of shit.

Bitcoin Foundation should kick Karpeles out. Not for the technical glitch, but for the press release and the damage to bitcoin. They painted bitcoin as the culprit for their incompetence and that will be the headline. Jerks. – Andreas Antonopoulos



Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office recently made its stance on Bitcoin abundantly clear.

“Systems for anonymous payments and cyber currencies that have gained considerable circulation — including the most well-known, Bitcoin — are money substitutes and cannot be used by individuals or legal entities.” Russia’s decree should come as no surprise, considering it’s illegal there to trade with money substitutes.

“The official currency of the Russian Federation is the ruble. Introduction of other monetary units and money substitutes is prohibited,” the Prosecutor’s office reemphasized, citing Article 27 of Russian federal law. – Ellis Hamburger


Meanwhile… Russia is #2 in worldwide active #Bitcoin nodes  Jon Matonis



Ethereum Fundraiser


A few weeks from now is the best guess. Originally, we actually wanted the fundraiser to last 2 months, from Feb 1 to Mar 31. Because we’re giving much more advance warning, we might cut this a bit shorter, but it’ll certainly be longer than 1 week.



Our official website fund when we are ready alongside our partner wallets. Bitcoin only. Our goal is to make the procedure frictionless using wallets such as KryptoKit and Hive wallet.



When the pre-sale is going live you will be able to purchase ether by sending Bitcoin to the generated address and providing an email address. The email address will allow you to recover the funds in case of a disastrous event with your device as long as you can provide the password or the wallet file.


How Much?

1 BTC = 1000 ether, during the first week you will have a 2X multiplier (i.e. 1 BTC = 2000 ether). First week investors will realize 2x the product value.

The purchase period is planned to last ~60 days. There will be no cap. You have the option to buy as much ether as you wish. – Ethereum Founding Team AMA



Zerocoin was initially conceived as computer code that would add anonymity to Bitcoin transactions. But it is now being developed as a separate currency after pushback from some Bitcoin advocates who are seeking to defuse the issue of criminality and win over Congress and federal authorities by arguing that Bitcoin transactions are traceable.

Matthew Green and his graduate students released a paper in April 2013 outlining how Zerocoin would work, hoping that someone would take the research to the next level and write the software code to support it. When no one did, they began writing the code for an exchange. They believe it will be ready in the spring or early summer. – Carrie Wells



Why Dogecoin is a scam.

Nice summary, I did not realize Dogecoin does not have a cap. Incentive is for devs to water it down, just like fiat. – Cal Abel

Moreover, it’s not distributed. They make noise about how it solves some imaginary problems, but in fact… some dork makes calls. – Mircea Popescu



Robot Stocks

Revenue for the global industrial robotics market is expected to cross $37 billion by 2018. The $37 billion market for industrial robotics by 2018 may sound insignificant next to Bill Gates prediction of a robot in every home and a $1 trillion global business by 2025. This is where Google’s acquisition of Nest and other robotic manufacturers may earn a big slice of the market, together with the Roomba from iRobots and other manufacturers.

The potential market for Robots is starting to whet the appetite of investors, consider Adept Technology and iRobot. Stocks in Adept are up 498.42% over the last 5 years. iRobot stocks are up 386.75% — compare these to the Nasdaq composite which is up 154.88% and The Dow Jones which is up 88.73% over the same period. – Colin Lewis



“Mission Accomplished”

What kind of companies are you looking to invest in? exchanges/ gambling etc…?

I’m done investing in Bitcoin startups. I wanted to bootstrap the bitcoin ecosystem into a viable ecosystem. I think I succeeded with that goal. – Roger Ver




FreeSpeechMe Makes Namecoin a Game Changer – Davi



Stem Cells

Researchers in Kobe, Japan and Boston have made the biggest breakthrough in stem cells yet, producing “embryonic-like” stem cells from mice by exposing differentiated cells to the stress of an acid bath.

This stem cell breakthrough is so huge because of its ease. The process is so simple that it can be carried out in a lab without any special knowledge or equipment. It seems likely that the process will be duplicated in DIY garage bio-labs across the country. With the technique becoming so easy, regulation or ethical restriction becomes much more difficult, if not completely impossible.

Imagine a world where people can be saved from what are currently fatal heart attacks by receiving a transplanted heart grown from their own stem cells. With this game-changing advance, that world might not be far off. – Michael Anissimov




Inflation has been rampant in some sectors, going up to 100% in food, grocery stores 20%, 30% in some cases. Those are our numbers in a matter of days.

In just one day, for example, cement in Balcarce, one of the towns in Southern Argentina, went up 100% overnight, doubling in price. Grocery stores in Córdoba, even in Buenos Aires, people are talking about increase of prices of 20, 30% just these days. – Fernando Aguirre



Singapore is fast becoming the new capital of the fastest-growing region on earth. Today, in spite of its postage-stamp size, Singapore is home to the third largest number of UHNWs (net worth above $30 million) after London and Tokyo — with 3,154. So much new cash is flowing into Singapore that its funds are now almost as large as those in Switzerland.

‘What I see here is what I imagined must have happened in the US in the 1880s, in the Gilded Age, when it first took over England in terms of wealth,’ he says. ‘It is extraordinary how much wealth there is — and how willing people are to spend it.’ – John Arlidge





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