Monday 17th February


Do u think central banks & govs could kill btc potential if they consider it revolutionary threat instead of evolutionary innovation?

The problem with trying to kill it is that it’s just numbers, math, and code. Harder to kill than a person or a company.

Of course. but here’s a law: no bit wallets allowed in USA. transactions banned. Law. now what?

There is precedent. US gov tried very hard to kill strong crypto in 1990s. ~300 foreign crypto co’s started up immediately. US gov completely caved. Which is why everyone now has strong crypto in every web browser. – Marc Andreessen



China slips to #5 in active #Bitcoin nodes; Ukraine makes top ten  (project sponsored by @BTCFoundation) – Jon Matonis


Mt. Gox

Roger Ver is looking to buy MtGox bitcoins from people who believe the Bitcoin exchange may be insolvent. – Kyle Torpey


@aantonop It’s $419 on Mt. Gox – would you buy it from them?

@KEcurious yes, I would. That level of risk is not for everyone, though. I don’t have an account anymore. – Andreas Antonopoulos




Open Libernet

Open Libernet: adds incentives (modeled on Bitcoin) to mesh networking to replace ISPs. Chris Dixon





Must read: The #NSA & Attorney-Client Privilege / My lawyers don’t want to talk over the phone anymore. What a mess. – Kim Dotcom

@KimDotcom All lawyers should use  for calls. Jitsi uses GPGFone for total privacy. There is no excuse anymore PERIOD. – Beautyon





Thailand’s top Bitcoin exchange resumes trading 6 months after it had been pressured offline.

It seems Bitcoin was never made illegal in the country, as we suspected might be the case at the time — but don’t rule out closer scrutiny in the future. – Jon Russell



“Money Launderer Until Proven Innocent” – Italy Imposes 20% Tax Withholding On All Inbound Money Transfers.

The end result will be even less capital inflows into Italy – just the opposite of what the desperate Italian government is trying to achieve. But that is a concern for the next Italian government and the one promptly replacing it.

For the time being, let’s all pretend Europe is fixed, even as it prepares for the nuclear option: the confiscation of retirement savings. – Tyler Durden




Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

A team of scientists in California announced Wednesday they are one step closer to developing the almost mythical pollution-free, controlled fusion-energy reaction, though the goal of full “ignition” is still far off.

The process ultimately mimics the processes in the core of a star inside the laboratory’s hardware. Nuclear fusion, which is how the sun is heated, creates energy when atomic nuclei fuse and form a larger atom.

“This isn’t like building a bridge, this is an exceedingly hard problem. You’re basically trying to produce a star, on a small scale, here on Earth.”  – RT / Omar Hurricane





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