February 2014




Any entity that you see in the Bitcoin community that you have to trust is going to go away. It’s going to cease to exist. Silk Road was a neat concept, but even if they hadn’t been shut down they would have ceased to exist because they acted as a trusted entity. Mt Gox someday will cease to exist. Satoshi’s dream was not that you have to trust a new bunch of trusted entities. His dream was to eliminate these entities entirely. – Chris Odom

OpenTransactions makes all centralized distribution metacoins look like scams. #truthhurts Bryce Weiner


Bigger Than the Internet

Whenever I use Bitcoin, the reality strikes me. There is no way that national monies can survive the competition. The future is so clear.

Pulling money away from the State, or at least diminishing the monopoly that governments around the world have on money is going to unleash productivity and innovation like we’ve never seen before. This is bigger than railroads. I think it’s bigger than the internet itself. – Jeffrey Tucker


Merchant Adoption

There are others of similar stature [to Overstock] in the pipeline. – Coinbase co-founder, Fred Ersham



Seeing super super new lows in bitcoin pricing- a good time to buy or hold? It’s crazy how low it’s got right?

The lowest low of an exchange suspected to be insolvent is 10 times higher than the January 2013 price. I buy each Monday – Andreas Antonopoulos





How Marscoin can help us fund the first colony in the Solar System –Marscoin




Robot Stocks

Revenue for the global industrial robotics market is expected to cross $37 billion by 2018. The $37 billion market for industrial robotics by 2018 may sound insignificant next to Bill Gates prediction of a robot in every home and a $1 trillion global business by 2025. This is where Google’s acquisition of Nest and other robotic manufacturers may earn a big slice of the market, together with the Roomba from iRobots and other manufacturers.

The potential market for Robots is starting to whet the appetite of investors, consider Adept Technology and iRobot. Stocks in Adept are up 498.42% over the last 5 years. iRobot stocks are up 386.75% — compare these to the Nasdaq composite which is up 154.88% and The Dow Jones which is up 88.73% over the same period. – Colin Lewis





The first cross-country Tesla trip took less than a week and cost $0 – Damon Lavrinc

Life Expectancy

My health regime is a wake-up call to my baby-boomer peers, most of whom are accepting the normal cycle of life and accepting they are getting to the end of their productive years. That’s not my view. Now that health and medicine is in information technology it is going to expand exponentially. We will see very dramatic changes ahead.

According to my model it’s only 10-15 years away from where we’ll be adding more than a year every year to life expectancy because of progress. It’s kind of a tipping point in longevity. – Ray Kurzweil





Imagine what kind of wealth and #prosperity could happen in Honduras with rule of law, security, and transparency! http://on.mktw.net/1gr2bb0 Voice and Exit



Singapore is fast becoming the new capital of the fastest-growing region on earth. Today, in spite of its postage-stamp size, Singapore is home to the third largest number of UHNWs (net worth above $30 million) after London and Tokyo — with 3,154. So much new cash is flowing into Singapore that its funds are now almost as large as those in Switzerland.

‘What I see here is what I imagined must have happened in the US in the 1880s, in the Gilded Age, when it first took over England in terms of wealth,’ he says. ‘It is extraordinary how much wealth there is — and how willing people are to spend it.’ – John Arlidge






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