Monday 3rd March


Government Oversight

If only bitcoin were more regulated mtgox wouldn’t have happened and we’d have reputable services like Enron, Lehman, HSBC, and MF Global – Steve Dekorte


Creative Destruction

This process of creative destruction Bitcoin is going through is actually wonderful. It has once again shown itself to be the ultimate anti-fragile currency.

What that means is that it is not just a survivor but that it is strengthened through testing and upheaval. The upward price momentum in the days following the crash is a reflection of that. It just keeps defying expectations. – Jeffrey Tucker



During the Mt.Gox debacle, Coinbase hit 1 million consumer wallets. – Brian Armstrong


Distributed p2p Trustless Infrastructures for Transaction Processing.

In time this will be seen for the incredible invention that it is. Having invested millions of dollars in eCash technologies, zero-knowledge systems, crypto & cypherpunk dreams — I will admit — I completely missed this realization when I first looked at bitcoin.

This blockchain has self-funded advances in ASIC processing, new cloud hashing architectures and new models for collaborative crowdsourced innovation. More then $300million in new capital investments have gone into blockchain SHA256 based architectures in the last year. Think about that.

Satoshi built on 30+yrs of science and innovation when launching the blockchain. It didn’t come from nothing. He built on my partner Adam Back’s invention of hashcash. He built on the thinking of Wei Dai, Ian Grigg, Nick Szabo, Ian Goldberg, David Chaum, Stefan Brands, Steve Schear, John Gilmore, Ryan Lackey, Ben Laurie, Jim McCoy, Bram Cohen, Paul Kocher, Zooko, Adam Shostack, Len Sassaman and many more including Ulf Moeller (who we sadly lost to a sensless murder). There is a community of cryptographers who put in the time and thinking that helped Satoshi build bitcoin.

Companies will fall and mistakes will be made, but the blockchain will endure. – Austin Hill





Auroracoin has passed Litecoin in Market cap – Bitcoin Kinetics

What is happening is you are giving people in Iceland money because you like them. That’s what Auroracoin is. If that doesn’t appeal to you, don’t own Auroracoin.

If you think about the economics, BTC is flowing into Auroracoin which will be given to Icelanders, which they will dump and take the BTC. It’s a huge bailout. – Bryce Weiner




How covert agents infiltrate the internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations – Glenn Greenwald



Wickr to license its closed source design to other companies. Who would license this over TextSecure’s protocol? – Christopher Soghoian




Space Elevators

A diverse group of experts at the behest of the International Academy of Astronautics completed an impressively thorough study this month on whether building a space elevator is doable.

Their resulting report, ‘Space Elevators: An Assessment of the Technological Feasibility and the Way Forward,’ found that, in a nutshell, such a contraption is both totally feasible and a really smart idea. And they laid out a 300-page roadmap detailing how to make it happen. – Daniel Stuckey



In 2013, Dennis Tito’s Inspiration Mars Foundation announced plans to launch a spacecraft on a mission to fly past Mars without landing, in 2021.

For Mars flight, the capsule would have to be modified to support two astronauts for the 501-day round trip. An inflatable habitation module could be docked to the front of Dragon for additional living space and for carrying more supplies. – Karl Tate





Britain to scrap Bitcoin tax, and the Bitcoin Foundation is moving to the UK – Ryan X. Charles

Leading theatre ticket agency London Theatre Direct announced that it is accepting bitcoin payments – making it the world’s first.

The city currently boasts a bitcoin voucher shop, various bitcoin pubs and a number of companies are acting as middlemen by offering consumers the chance to buy bitcoins and use them to buy tangible goods in thousands of stores that don’t ordinarily accept the currency.

However, the city still does not yet have a bitcoin ATM, but two firms are planning to install a few machines soon. – Nermin Hajdarbegovic



Pattaya Beer Garden accepts bitcoin – Adam Nyback



South Beach hotspot Clevelander starts accepting bitcoin and does an extra 100k in revenue over the weekend #nobrainer – Crypto-Economist


Silicon Valley

Brilliant piece on the crazy future of Silicon Valley by @rezendi — I agree 100%! – Marc Andreeseen —






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