Monthly Archives: April 2014

Friday 25th April

BITCOIN  Japan Bitcoin made the front page of one of the most popular business magazines in Japan, taking up nearly 1/3 of the mag! Considering what just happened with Mtgox, the article is overwhelmingly pro Bitcoin! – Roger Ver Bitcoin will suddenly become huge in Japan & surprise everyone, It’s going to happen soon – […]

Wednesday 16th April

BITCOIN The Bitcoin Network The beautiful ascent of the Bitcoin Network – Tuur Demeester   Volatility There was no bitcoin 5 years ago and now you complain about volatility. It’s quite silly. – Jeffrey Tucker   Central Planning The US federal gov employs thousands of people in ‘monetary policy’. It’s all bullshit. – Jeffrey Tucker […]

Tuesday 8th April

BITCOIN Yahoo Japan A Vice President of Yahoo Japan, the #1 website in all of Japan, spent his entire evening at the Tokyo Bitcoin meetup yesterday. He gets it! – Roger Ver   The World’s First Master’s Degree in Digital Currency Free online course in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia  #bitcoin #future […]


BITCOIN Bigger Than the Internet Whenever I use Bitcoin, the reality strikes me. There is no way that national monies can survive the competition. The future is so clear. Pulling money away from the State, or at least diminishing the monopoly that governments around the world have on money is going to unleash productivity and […]

March 2014

MONTHLY ROUNDUP – MARCH 2014   BITCOIN The Mega-Master Blockchain List 84 things that can be put in the blockchain – Antonis Polemitis   Institutional Investment Requests from 38 institutional investors representing +$250 billion to meet with me re bitcoin at Barclays Emerging Payments Forum tomorrow – Barry Silbert   Andreessen Horowitz Internet pioneer Marc […]

Tuesday 1st April

BITCOIN Satoshi Nakamoto Satoshi is a genius … every single objection you can come up with has been anticipated. Conceptually Bitcoin is as bullet proof as anything I’ve ever seen – Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz   Visa & MasterCard Walmart suing Visa is the largest endorsement ever for bitcoin. If I was running money for […]