Tuesday 8th April


Yahoo Japan

A Vice President of Yahoo Japan, the #1 website in all of Japan, spent his entire evening at the Tokyo Bitcoin meetup yesterday. He gets it! – Roger Ver


The World’s First Master’s Degree in Digital Currency

Free online course in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia http://digitalcurrency.unic.ac.cy/  #bitcoin #future #finance – Erik Voorhees


The Fifth Protocol

Cryptocurrencies will create a fifth protocol layer powering the next generation of the Internet. Someday, they will be used by the machines in our network, on our desk, in our garage, and in our pocket to exchange value and achieve consensus at blinding speeds, anonymously, and at minimal cost.

When that day arrives, large distributed networks that we rely upon will change. Starting with the Internet, they will become de-centralized market economies, far more intelligent than they are today. Just as human brains co-evolved with our ability to trade and exchange goods with people who weren’t related to us, so the network will become more intelligent as it learns to trade currency and contracts with unrelated nodes.

Eventually, there will be no functioning Internet or Internet of Things at the protocol layer without deep cryptocurrency integration. Turning off this fifth protocol will be impossible. Cryptocurrencies also remain mediums of exchange and stores of value. Nation states that are used to imposing capital controls will face a quandary – ban cryptocurrencies, and live in the technology dustbin. Enable them, and this virus, this religion, this protocol – will enable the free flow of money and language, along with packets, around the globe. – Naval Ravikant, AngelList





De Filippi has made Ethereum a major focus of her research, and she says that cryptocurrency investors are starting to do the same. “They are really, really excited, and they will invest a lot of money in Ethereum, which didn’t happen at the beginning of Bitcoin.”

A pre-sale of ether is slated to begin within a few weeks, although the Ethereum network  itself won’t be operational until later this year, at the earliest. – Nathan Schneider



RippleSingapore.com is one of the purest and most interesting uses of the ripple protocol to date. The service acts as a gateway for gold, silver and currencies. That gives users the ability to transmit gold and silver ounces online. – Fred Marion



Benz and Beamer auto dealership today announced it sold a Tesla Model SP85 to an anonymous customer for 5,447 litecoin, an equivalent of $90,000 at the time of purchase. – Amanda Coolong





Shares of Sotheby’s (BID) have peaked before every major financial bubble since 1987, starting with the leveraged-buyout spree that fueled the stock market before the Black Monday crash that year.

The stock “double peaked” in the past few years, since rising exponentially following the 2008 financial crisis.

Chanos, founder of Kynikos, the largest short-selling hedge fund, said he had a short position against Sotheby’s and he advised art investors to tread carefully. – Jeff Morganteen



The Decentralized Movement

Bitcoin, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, etc… We will look back at this time in history as the effective beginning of the decentralized movement – Luke Stokes



Probably the single most useful Bitcoin-related device released to date. CoinKite is a member of the BTCF and the only card-based POS terminal and exchange #FirstMover #MarketLeader – Bryce Weiner


Oculus Rift

VR has significant implications for MOOC and colaborative research and, as on result, will help advance knowledge transformation  – Brian Ready

Oculus for training martial arts, sales, or similar activities also interesting. Key will be ability to record/display facial expressions – Balaji S. Srinivasan, Andreessen Horowitz




It’s hard to listen to Vint Cerf lamenting the absence of strong authentication and encryption in the foundational protocol of the Internet, or to think about the myriad of online ills in the past two decades that might have been preempted with a stronger and more secure protocol and not wonder what might have been.

Cerf revealed that he did have access to some really bleeding edge cryptographic technology back then that might have been used to implement strong, protocol-level security into the earliest specifications of TCP/IP. Why weren’t they used, then? The culprit is one that’s well known now: the National Security Agency. – Paul Roberts




3d Printing

Already, according to a study authored by Michigan Technological University engineering professor Joshua Pearce and six others, there are significant economic incentives for consumers to pursue 3D printing.

According to Pearce’s calculations, a person who constructs an open-source 3D printer called the RepRap at a cost of around $575 for parts can theoretically avoid paying between $290 and $1,920 a year to retailers simply by using the device to print 20 common items (iPhone case, shower curtain rings, shoe orthotics, etc.).

If you are willing to invest some time in its construction-Pearce estimates that the RepRap takes around 24 hours to build-the printer can quickly pay for itself, even if you don’t use it all that often. If you start making orthotics for your neighbors, who knows, it could even turn into a profit center. – John Nolte



We’re on the cusp of a revolution in life-science research.

Microfluidic technologies are still relatively early stage, but should play an increasingly important role in disease detection and could ultimately disrupt the drug-discovery process for the better. – Chris Wood


The Turing Test

Maybe the mistake we were making about the Turing Test is not realizing it would happen piecemeal. – Paul Graham, Y Combinator






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