Saturday 3rd May


The State of Bitcoin

There are now more than 60,000 businesses that accept bitcoin, according to the latest “State of Bitcoin” report from CoinDesk. At the same time, VC continues to pour into the space. On the other hand, bitcoin prices were down 37% in the first quarter – Paul Vigna / Michael J. Casey


The Currency of Peace

All around the world most governments fund what they’re doing, a little bit through direct taxation, but mostly through inflation.

Because bitcoin has a hard limited supply, governments are no longer going to be able to fund what they’re doing through inflation if the world is using bitcoin, so I’m working hard every single day to spread bitcoin to the biggest number of people everywhere.

All these people that are opposed to what states are doing, right now today you have an option. Start using bitcoin, stop using dollars, euros or yen. Use bitcoin. Bitcoin is the currency of peace whereas the dollar and these other currencies are the currencies of violent central bankers and violent governments that like to murder people around the world.

So if you’re opposed to murder and violence and coercion, use bitcoin. If you like murder and violence and coercion keep using dollars, euros, and yen. – Roger Ver





Cambodia is proving to be an attractive target for crypto-currencies, with one of the most recently established operators of virtual money declaring their intention to roll out terminals in Phnom Penh this year.

Officials of the foundation that founded Blackcoin, a digital-currency formed in February by a Russian developer named rat4, say they have secured the purchase of two terminals; one to facilitate exchange between US dollars and Blackcoin, and the other to make retail payments, the Phnom Penh based co-founder of the Blackcoin foundation Josh Bouw told the Post.

The terminals, developed by Canadian firm Coinkite, accept a range of different crypto-currencies including Blackcoin and Bitcoin.

The terminals allow Blackcoin holders to make purchases at places such as clothing stores and coffee shops that choose to participate

As at 5pm yesterday, there were more than 74 million Blackcoins in circulation, with a total market value of more than $9 million, or $0.12 per coin. – Eddie Morton




Robot IPOs

Recent robot related IPOs. Since late November, 2013 there have been three robotic companies that have gone public on U.S. and global stock exchanges:

Medtech (MDG)

Ekso Bionics (EKSO) : The exoskeleton is “the Maserati of the rehab world.” 

Cyberdyne. (8C4:GR)

Colin Lewis /


3D Systems 

In Q1, 3D Systems (DDD) saw sales of printers and other product revenue rise 53%

3D printing is the future of manufacturing. These companies are growing over 30% organically at the top line and spending millions on R&D.

3D systems, Stratasys, and ExOne are the three main 3D companies. Carey Beck





If we become the biggest launch company in the world, making money hand over fist, but we’re still not reusable, I will consider us to have failed. – Elon Musk

SpaceX Successfully Soft-Lands on Earth for First Time. Is Mars Next? – Adam Mann



Larry Page on Google+ #SelfDriving cars “We’re going to solve city streets!”  – RobotEnomics


Dark Wallet

It’s just money laundering software. – Cody Wilson

This is a way of using bitcoin that mocks every attempt to sprinkle it with regulation. It’s a way to say to the government “You’ve set yourself up to regulate bitcoin. Regulate this.” – Cody Wilson

The important thing is that when someone pastes your stealth address into [blockchain search tool], absolutely nothing shows up,” says Peter Todd, a bitcoin consultant who advised Dark Wallet on the stealth address feature. “The payment is entirely hidden.” – Andy Greenberg



Dark Market

Reddit petitions DarkMarket to change name:

Their response: “Look dudes, you write the code, you name the product.” – Andy Greenberg

You are in luck! You can change the name and not worry about being sued!

Here is the code:

Fork it, rename it, maintain it! – Huangpo99




Mathematicians: Refuse to Work for the NSA

In a stirring editorial in the New Scientist, University of Edinburgh mathematician Tom Leinster calls on the world’s mathematicians to boycott working for the NSA, which describes itself as the “largest employer of mathematicians in the US” and which may be the world’s number one employer of mathematicians. – Cory Doctorow





Asia is producing more new wealth than any other part of the world at any point in history – The Financial Times




Moore’s Law

* The logic of Moore’s law is hyperdeflation. As software enters more sectors, prices drop through the floor. 


*Advance of DNA sequencing is typical; cost reductions due to software-enabled protocols:


* One consequence: as costs fall through floor, consumption equality rises. A billionaire does not have an appreciably better Wikipedia.


* Perhaps most interesting example of hyperdeflation is Bitcoin, volatility notwithstanding:

With Moore’s law, 1 USD buys ~2X transistors in 18 months.

Averaging volatility, 1 BTC buys >2X *anything* in 18 months (so far).

Balaji S. Srinivasan, Andreessen Horowitz



What would have been the cost to a consumer of the equivalent to access to Google 20 years ago? My take = the New York Public Library reference desk in 1994 working entirely for you. How is that accounted for in economic statistics such as GDP, productivity, and income levels?  – Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz

Would’ve been priceless 20 years ago. World’s collective knowledge at fingertips? Combine all books & you still don’t have that. – Aaron  Y. Ng

Insane to think about wikipedia in that sense too. Completely free. – Prince Bhojwani


3D Printing

It’s on the horizon: 3D printing a human heart from a donor’s own cellular starter John Hagel

Just a couple years ago people looked at me like I had three heads when I suggested this kind of thing – George Rocklein


3D Printers Print Ten Houses in 24 Hours

This emerging technology could destroy millions, if not billions of jobs. Wonderful news! – Jeffrey Tucker

A private company in east China recently used a giant printer set to print out ten full-sized houses within just one day. 

The stand-alone one-story houses in the Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Park look just like ordinary buildings. They were created using an intelligent printing array in east China’s city of Suzhou.

Ma Yihe, the inventor of the printers, said he and his team are especially proud of their core technology of quick-drying cement. 

Ma said he hopes his printers can be used to build skyscrapers in the future. – Mengjie


Bitcoin: The Singularity of Money

I’m a singularity guy. This to me sounds like the singularity of money. Is that fair to say? – Nikola Danaylov

Yes. I think that it opens the door to the ability to have a level of automation and programmability and intelligence in smart money that we haven’t even begun to explore.

It’s the kind of thing that leads to exponential curves in innovation, exponential curves in development and experimentation and protocols and autonomous systems and, so many crazy things that could be built on top of this fundamental platform of programmable money.

Economic growth and development going from a flat line to an exponential curve suddenly – we’re about to hit that second inflection point, where money becomes transnational, global, it is removed from the control of single entities and institutions. The opportunities are truly endless. – Andreas Antonopoulos





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