April 2014



The State of Bitcoin

There are now more than 60,000 businesses that accept bitcoin, according to the latest “State of Bitcoin” report from CoinDesk. At the same time, VC continues to pour into the space. On the other hand, bitcoin prices were down 37% in the first quarter – Paul Vigna / Michael J. Casey


The Bitcoin Network

The beautiful ascent of the Bitcoin Network – Tuur Demeester



There was no bitcoin 5 years ago and now you complain about volatility. It’s quite silly. – Jeffrey Tucker


Bitcoin vs. Total War

Fiat currency is the greatest virus to ever strike the planet because it causes so many deaths. Hundreds of millions. You can’t make these wars (total wars), you can’t sustain them and possibly pay for these wars using existing assets.

Monetary policy gives license to the state to do these things, otherwise it’s just not possible. The evils of the 20th century have almost everything to do with monetary policy.

Trying to find out the cost of war is really tough because it’s all self reported and it doesn’t count in the long term costs of war like long term healthcare and benefits, and also CPI inflation is all lies anyway.

* The very first big program funded by central banking was World War 1. It wasn’t scientific monetary policy, it wasn’t low unemployment, it wasn’t low inflation, it wasn’t the end of business cycles. No, it was the beginning of total war. That was the beginning of central banking.

* The cost of  World War 2, for just America which was never invaded, was more than all the gold that had ever been mined in human history.  So that’s why you had to get rid of the gold standard.

* Then Vietnam broke Bretton Woods and convertibility of US debt to gold in 1971.

* America has now spent much more on the War on Terror than it did on the 2nd world war.

– Stefan Molyneux & Jeffrey Tucker


The Currency of Peace

All around the world most governments fund what they’re doing, a little bit through direct taxation, but mostly through inflation.

Because bitcoin has a hard limited supply, governments are no longer going to be able to fund what they’re doing through inflation if the world is using bitcoin, so I’m working hard every single day to spread bitcoin to the biggest number of people everywhere.

All these people that are opposed to what states are doing, right now today you have an option. Start using bitcoin, stop using dollars, euros or yen. Use bitcoin. Bitcoin is the currency of peace whereas the dollar and these other currencies are the currencies of violent central bankers and violent governments that like to murder people around the world.

So if you’re opposed to murder and violence and coercion, use bitcoin. If you like murder and violence and coercion keep using dollars, euros, and yen. – Roger Ver



Very intrigued by  Ethereum @ethereumproject would love to talk to you guys – David Marcus, Paypal President

The only criticism I have so far of Ethereum is that the one chain becomes an SPOF: one app may negatively impact another app. On the flip side, there are clearly advantages to having multiple apps on a big strong chain. Benefits vs. costs. That said Ethereum is a neat experiment to watch. Ethereum hackathons will produce some interesting projects. – Jeff Garzik




If even a small part of what Silicon Valley currently believes about Google (GOOG) is true, it’s significantly undervalued today.

The company everyone believes is the General Electric of the 21st century: 2014 P/E ex-cash of 19.4 – Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz


3D Systems 

In Q1, 3D Systems (DDD) saw sales of printers and other product revenue rise 53%

3D printing is the future of manufacturing. These companies are growing over 30% organically at the top line and spending millions on R&D.

3D systems, Stratasys, and ExOne are the three main 3D companies. – Carey Beck




The Decentralized Movement

BitcoinUberLyftAirbnb, etc… We will look back at this time in history as the effective beginning of the decentralized movement – Luke Stokes



NY attacking those who rent rooms using AirBnB. 15,000 law breakers that must be stopped. read.bi/PwMP89 – Michael Robertson

The AirBnb crackdown begins. http://time.com/63810/san-francisco-airbnb-crackdown/“Unregulated” and “wild west” in the first sentence of course. – Jerry Brito


Dark Wallet

It’s just money laundering software. – Cody Wilson

This is a way of using bitcoin that mocks every attempt to sprinkle it with regulation. It’s a way to say to the government “You’ve set yourself up to regulate bitcoin. Regulate this.” – Cody Wilson

The important thing is that when someone pastes your stealth address into [blockchain search tool] blockchain.info, absolutely nothing shows up,” says Peter Todd, a bitcoin consultant who advised Dark Wallet on the stealth address feature. “The payment is entirely hidden.” – Andy Greenberg



Space Elevator

Rich DeVaul, head of Google X’s Rapid Evaluation team, has confirmed for the first time ever that Google’s super hush-hush R&D lab actually tried to design one.

“It would be a massive capital investment,” he said in this month’s issue of Fast Company. But once this hypothetical machine was built, “it could take you from ground to orbit with a net of basically zero energy. It drives down the space-access costs, operationally, to being incredibly low.”

The team knew the cable would have to be exceptionally strong– “at least a hundred times stronger than the strongest steel that we have,” by ­[Google X researcher Dan Piponi]‘s calculations. He found one material that could do this: carbon nanotubes. But no one has manufactured a perfectly formed carbon nanotube strand longer than a meter. And so elevators “were put in a deep freeze,” as [Google X researcher Mitch Heinrich] says, and the team decided to keep tabs on any advances in the carbon nanotube field.

Google X’s space elevator ambitions might be frozen, but they’re not dead. Google’s just waiting for the material and manufacturing world to catch up with its sky-high ideas. – Chris Gayomali


Violent Decline in Solar Pricing.

It’s now a question of how and where, not if, solar becomes a dominant force in energy markets.

The cost of solar on a real-dollars-per-million-BTU equivalent basis has, in many instances, come to match that of conventional fuels.

The solar industry has been waiting 60 years for this to happen – and it finally just did. – Rob Wile

3D Printing

It’s on the horizon: 3D printing a human heart from a donor’s own cellular starter http://www.medgadget.com/2014/04/scientists-on-track-to-assemble-3d-printed-bioficial-heart.html – John Hagel

Just a couple years ago people looked at me like I had three heads when I suggested this kind of thing –George Rocklein

3D Printers Print Ten Houses in 24 Hours

This emerging technology could destroy millions, if not billions of jobs. Wonderful news! – Jeffrey Tucker

A private company in east China recently used a giant printer set to print out ten full-sized houses within just one day. 

The stand-alone one-story houses in the Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Park look just like ordinary buildings. They were created using an intelligent printing array in east China’s city of Suzhou.

Ma Yihe, the inventor of the printers, said he and his team are especially proud of their core technology of quick-drying cement. 

Ma said he hopes his printers can be used to build skyscrapers in the future. – Mengjie





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