Tuesday 8th July


2013: 1 BTC = $83, Market Cap = $941m, Blockchain wallets = 330k

Today: 1 BTC = $650, Market Cap = $8bn, Blockchain wallets = 2m



Crypto vs. Fiat

Bitcoin isnt a payment system sitting on top of and interfacing with banks and fiat money. Every BTC user is now “the bank”. Fiat is OVER – Beautyon


Are There Prototypes of Future Bitcoin Technologies Around Today?

Think about the world financial system. Think about all the things we do with value and money and contracts and signatures. Think about the world of finance and law and think about how dependent that world is on centralized institutions today.

If you’ve got money, you keep your money in a bank. It’s a physical place. It’s a building in Midtown Manhattan — 80 stories worth of people.

If I want to buy a share of stock I do it in a stock exchange, which is a physical place with all these people.

If I sign a contract, I do it knowing it’ll be enforced by a court, a big building with all these people.

If a buy a house, I need a title to a house. There are these title companies making a lot of money overseeing the process of switching titles.

Take any kind of thing like that that involves money or value or trust, in today’s economy. Then say OK, what would happen if you didn’t need all of that?

What would happen if that was all peer-to-peer?

What would happen if you and I could just exchange money without it ever going through a bank?

What if I could raise money for a business without going through an investment bank?

What if I could just put out a bid online and people could send me bitcoins to finance my company and I could send back digital stock?

What if that all happened in a completely peer-to-peer method? What if the way that all happened was in this giant public ledger, where everybody knows what everyone else knows, everybody else knows what everyone else has committed to? Not in a giant building but in a whole bunch of bits online.

That’s the vision. That’s the idea that people have. People who are into this stuff, who are into the algorithms and cryptography, they think it’s obvious that this is how it should work – Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz




Fifty Things Liberty People Do

It’s about investing in yourself, backing the right causes in economic life, clawing our way toward personal freedom, and building robust institutions outside the state http://tucker.liberty.me/2014/07/01/fifty-things-liberty-people-do/

Jeffrey Tucker



Nicolas Cary receives 100 per cent of his salary in bitcoin. Then again, he is the chief executive of the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet service, Blockchain.info

His company’s web wallet service has more than 1.7 million users, and has processed almost $20 billion worth of transactions. It’s not too bad for a business that was founded just three years ago

A year ago today there were maybe 4,000 or 5,000 merchants on the entire planet that accepted bitcoin. Now there are about 100,000,” Cary says – Pamela Newenham



  • Crowdfunding platform, running completely on the Blockchain. Assurance contracts which send money back automatically if goals are not met.
  • Will be able to fund Bitcoin core devs directly. They propose their schedule and goals, and they can set extra bonus features when they get extra funds (such as with Kickstarter).
  • Will allow lobbyists to make proposals and be directly funded by the community, according to their capabilities
  • Will allow many other community initiatives, such as supporting adoption in Africa by sponsoring ATMs, etc

The sky is really the limit. And it will not create any political overhead, we can select the projects we want to support directly – Anarchystar



  • DAO system running on Ethereum, allows for many applications running completely decentralised without servers.
  • Will allow for community-ran organisations / applications with direct shareholder voting
  • Can replace any existing organisation with a virtual one
  • Has amazing possibilities for being able to replace existing institutions, including companies and governments


These guys have done a tremendous job at creating a software platform which is extendable into many many things. It allows for the creating of a decentralised ‘anything’. The implications of this are tremendous – Anarchystar




If you read Boing Boing, the NSA considers you a target for deep, permanent surveillance. http://boingboing.net/2014/07/03/if-you-read-boing-boing-the-n.html – Cory Doctorow


Jake Appelbaum et. al, are reporting on XKEYSCORE selection rules that target users — and people who just visit the websites of — Tor, Tails, and other sites. This isn’t just metadata; this is “full take” content that’s stored forever – Bruce Schneier


I’m using Tor in a Linux Virtual Machine to read an article at Boing Boing. Your move, NSA. – Wil Wheaton


Stealthy App

Another pointless article about web censorship that doesn’t mention the easy to use solutions: Its why blocks work.

ProTip: If you are going to write about web censorship, do not fail to mention @StealthyApp so that the problem can be solved. Stop WHINING.

The people who say, “the internet is a tool of total control” are an underclass that don’t encrypt their email, phone calls or like Bitcoin. The internet is a tool to total liberty, not a, “tool of total control”. An understanding of scale and Bitcoin is all you need to get this. – Beautyon


Deniable Encryption

Assange interview: “with cryptography no amount of violence will ever solve a math problem” http://www.today.com/id/49543113/ns/today-today_books/t/cypherpunks-julian-assange-future-internet

Balaji S. Srinivasan, Andreessen Horowitz


Standard xkcd counter-point, a favorite among crypto developers: http://xkcd.com/538/

– Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin Core Developer

Yes 🙂 But see above, he addresses that. Also, with good encryption you don’t know who is the source of packets – who to beat up – Balaji S. Srinivasan, Andreessen Horowitz

See also Rubberhose – Wikileaks



The project was originally named Rubberhose, as it was designed to be resistant to attacks by people willing to use torture on those who knew the encryption keys. This is a reference to the rubber-hose cryptanalysis euphemism

It was originally designed for use by human rights groups working in third world dictatorships, but was often proposed for use in other countries such as the United Kingdom where threats of imprisonment can be used to force people to reveal their encryption keys ,or the United States which routinely practices rendition to nations where torture is not prohibited.

It was written in 1997–2000 by Julian AssangeSuelette Dreyfus, and Ralf Weinmann

It was the first product that used deniable encryption, marking its invention – Wikipedia





Singapore has the highest population density of HNWIs in the world: 150,700 HNWIs have an average wealth of US$4.8 million per person – Andreas Vogelsanger



Cambodia ranks higher than US on people feeling free. Land of the Free is more like land of the platitudes. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/americans-are-down-on-america-190304928.htmlErik Voorhees



The votes have been counted, and for the fifth-year running, Bangkok is … no longer the best.

In fact, after four years atop Travel + Leisure magazine’s list of “best cities,” Bangkok is nowhere to be found in the top 10.

Having tapped the Thai capital as the world’s best city to visit since 2010, readers of the New York-based magazine didn’t even place it among Asia’s best, let alone the world, according to new rankings released today.

Wild speculation here, but the specter of street violence, bunker-lined streets, socio-political instability, a military coup and national curfews could have been factors – Coconuts Bangkok




Deep Learning

When asked what he would focus on if he were currently a computer science student, and what would be the most significant type of technology in coming years, Bill Gates’ answer focused on machine learning:

“The ultimate is computers that learn. So called deep learning which started at Microsoft and is now being used by many researchers looks like a real advance that may finally learn.”

There has already been more progress in the last three years in video and audio recognition than had ever been made before, he says. This encompasses everything from basic machine-learning algorithms to ones that will one day be able to read a book and understand what it means – Max Nisen


3D Printing Used to Successfully Remove Previously Inoperable Tumor in 5 Year Old Boy

“We tried twice but failed surgery because we could not access [the tumor],” said lead surgeon Jaume Mora.

Mora and team didn’t want to give up though. They wanted to try and find a solution to removing the tumor. The issue was that there were so many blood vessels and arteries surrounding the tumor and organs, that it was almost impossible to perform the surgery.  So the team of surgeons elected to use 3D printing technology to print replicas of the tumor, as well as the blood vessels and arteries. “This way we could do a trial before [operating on] the child,” said one of the surgeons, Kravel Lucas.

The surgeons had 10 days to practice as many surgeries as they wanted on the 3D printed tumor, so that they could get it just right when it was time to perform the real operation.

Once the surgeons perfected their art on the 3D printed models, they then moved on to the real thing. Thanks to the practice that they had on the 3D models, surgeons were able to complete a successful surgery on the 5-year old little boy

This goes to show you how 3D printing is making a difference in hospitals, assisting surgeons in complicated surgeries that would previously be considered ‘inoperable’.  – Eddie Krassenstein


We’re just at the beginning of the beginning of all these kind of changes – Kevin Kelly





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