Monthly Archives: August 2014

Thursday 28th August

BITCOIN Very Undervalued Next few months is time to buy bitcoins with both hands, with gusto, aplomb, and conviction. Last time sub-4 figures – Pierre Rochard   Market Cap Possible to think Bitcoin achieves $1 Trillion in Market Cap within 2 -3 years? 17% of Gold Value.  $65K per Bitcoin = $1 Trillion in 2017. 1/30th […]

Wednesday 20th August

BITCOIN Government Attempts to Ban Bitcoin How would this go down exactly? Could they pass a law that makes the blockchain stop working? Would the full nodes suddenly stop relaying transactions? Compare this to bittorrent, a similar technology that is similarly hated by legislators. Did bittorrent go away? No! It’s still just as popular as […]

Thursday 14th August

BITCOIN  Dell Servers Purchased with Bitcoin Michael Dell posted to his Twitter account that Dell servers were bought and paid for in Bitcoin. This order was for more than 85 BTC or more than $50k USD. Since Dell was taken private recently, it seems as if the company is responding faster and regaining the momentum […]

July 2014

MONTHLY REPORT – JULY 2014 BITCOIN Investment Opportunity “Bitcoin, at this moment, represents one of the greatest investment opportunities the world will ever witness” – Roger Ver   Dell Largest Company to Date to Accept Bitcoin If you’re a retailer, there’s really no reason not to accept Bitcoin at this point – Dell   Bitpay Bad […]

Thursday 7th August

BITCOIN Bitcoin This is a miracle, this is unbelievable, and it represents hope – Jeffrey Tucker on Bitcoin   Bitpay Bad day for Visa… BitPay’s New Plan: Free, Unlimited, Forever – Erik Voorhees Electronic transaction processing specialist Global Payments has announced a new partnership that will find the firm referring select US and international customers to […]