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1 Bitcoin = $231


Bitcoin vs. Government Money

In the 20th century 200,000,000 men were murdered by the State through it’s ability to create infinite amounts of money on printing presses.

The absolute and permanent destruction and replacement of the mass murder money of the State is the greatest cause any man can work for – Beautyon



Governments try to ban bitcoin? LOL

The image below includes a signed bitcoin transaction transferring $12m USD.

Andreas Antonopoulos

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Xapo’s Advisory Board on Bitcoin

Dee Hock, Founder of Visa: Bitcoin represents not only the future of payments but also the future of governance. We live in the 21st century but are still using command and control organizational structures from the 16th century. Bitcoin is one of the best examples of how a decentralized, peer-to-peer organization can solve problems that these dated organizations cannot.

John Reed, Former Chairman & CEO of Citibank: Money at its core is simply a ledger for keeping track of debts and Bitcoin is truly the best iteration of a universal ledger we’ve ever seen. The mere fact that there will never be more than 21 million bitcoins and that each bitcoin can be divided into 100 million units makes it a significant improvement on any historical form of currency.

Larry Summers, Former Secretary of the Treasury: Bitcoin offers, for the first time, a method for transferring value and making payments from anywhere to anywhere, in real-time, without any intermediary. This could mean we soon see many billions of people sending bitcoin everyday as easily as they currently send a text message.


“Why Isn’t There a Enormous Advertising Campaign for Bitcoin?”

Did r/bitcoin learn nothing from the college bowl?

Bitcoin is a macroeconomic phenomena. Advertising for it is like advertising for subprime CDS in 2005. Enjoy wasting your money.

The only variable that matters with a macro force like Bitcoin is time. -Everything- else is noise (Lindy Effect)

Pierre Rochard




I was motivated to start because I wanted to buy an altcoin a year ago and it was going to take a couple hours to do so. This is not acceptable. Digital assets should be immediately available & immediately liquid. So I tried to figure out how to make an exchange that didn’t have any of the time delay of a normal one.

Turns out, you don’t need accounts whatsoever to do exchange with cryptocurrency, so that’s what we built. We realized, happily, that ShapeShift was actually the most secure/safest exchange as well, because nobody had to leave funds on deposit. This makes it much safer for users, and vastly reduces liability/risk for ShapeShift – Erik Voorhees


The Coinomi Android Wallet

It’s a multicoin wallet, so you can hold a dozen different cryptocurrencies easily on your phone. Beautiful interface as well. Inside the app itself, there is an exchange function, which lets users convert between coins. This is done with the ShapeShift API and is a beautiful thing to see and experience.

We also foresee it being used by anyone who accepts Bitcoin on their site, to automatically accept all other altcoins as well (it’s no extra work for them, and opens up new markets of customers) – Erik Voorhees




3D Printing Stocks

According to Wohlers Associates, the 3D printing industry is expected to grow by approximately 31% per year between 2013 and 2020, and will eventually generate more than $21 billion in worldwide revenue.

With such attractive industry growth prospects, many outside companies have made their intentions clear that they are going to enter the market in the near future.

Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ)  is among the group of outsiders, and plans to introduce a 3D printer in late 2016 based on inkjet technology it’s calling Multi Jet Fusion, which it claims is up to 10 times faster than current material extrusion and selective laser sintering technologies.

With the infrastructure, expertise, and resources that HP has at its disposal, it’s clear the tech giant shouldn’t be taken lightly by 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) , Stratasys(NASDAQ: SSYS), and other 3D printing stocks – Steve Heller




Bitnodes Hardware Model 1B

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Now Shipping


The Bitnodes Hardware is a low footprint quad-core single-board computer built and configured to operate as a dedicated Bitcoin full node. It puts you in full control of a device that plays a critical role in the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network by verifying and relaying transactions and blocks across the network.

Each unit comes fully assembled and consumes only 2.5W during normal operation making the Bitnodes Hardware ideal for 24/7 operation – Bitnodes


Two Bitcoin Companies with Great Ideas

App to find local exchanges:

Form-minimized e-commerce:

Nick Szabo

Abra CEO Bill Barhydt

CEO Bill Barhydt said in a presentation that “Abra tellers use smartphones to allow any other Abra users to deposit cash or withdraw cash from anywhere in the world.”

The CEO explained in an interview: “Abra is desperately needed by billions of people. Take the case of Haiti, for example. Haiti relies on money transfers for 35% of its GDP, but after the earthquake people couldn’t get money in because, first, the buildings where you picked up money were destroyed, and second, many people lost their IDs in the quake, so they couldn’t identify themselves to receive funds. Cash had to be helicoptered in — and they still couldn’t get it to the right people.”

The beta version of the mobile app will not be available to the public for at least two more months. Abra announced at the festival that they want a minimum number of tellers to be trained and signed up in over 100 countries before they make the mobile app available.

Barhydt stated, “The analogy, going back to Uber, is that they can’t launch a new city until they have enough drivers in that city. Tellers are our drivers. And we need to do this in 100 countries … though that probably won’t all happen in May.” – Joseph Young


Oculus Acquires 3D Mapping Company

Virtual reality company Oculus has acquired Surreal Vision, a UK company whose software can map and recreate the real world in a virtual one. It’s how you could buy virtual tickets to an NBA game and sit convincingly on the bleachers, or sip from a coffee cup during a virtual meeting.

Surreal Vision gave us an idea of what it will be doing:

We’re developing breakthrough techniques to capture, interpret, manage, analyze, and finally re-project in real-time a model of reality back to the user in a way that feels real, creating a new, mixed reality that brings together the virtual and real worlds.

Ultimately, these technologies will lead to VR and AR systems that can be used in any condition, day or night, indoors or outdoors. They will open the door to true telepresence, where people can visit anyone, anywhere.

Much progress has been made toward this future, but significant challenges remain. For virtual reality, the accuracy and quality of the continuously updating 3D reconstruction must be near flawless, which is a requirement almost no other modern computer vision problem faces.

When we cross these seminal thresholds, users will perceive the virtual world as truly real – and that is the experience we’re driving toward – Adi Robertson




The ‘Nothing to Hide’ Privacy Argument

Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say – Edward Snowden





Venezuela’s Inflation Rate is 200% and Credit Card Companies are Cashing In.

Two powerful forces are pushing Venezuelans to rely increasingly on credit cards amid the chaos: runaway inflation and soaring crime.

People are racing to spend their money as fast as they can, trying to keep ahead of consumer price increases that Bank of America Corp. estimates could almost reach 200 percent this year. Yet because that inflation surge has decimated the value of Venezuela’s money, shopping with cash would require carrying around a brick-sized wad of 100-bolivar bills — not a great idea in a country with the world’s second-highest murder rate – Anatoly Kurmanaev




Biosensor Chip Monitors Molecules and Certain Drugs


The future of medicine lies in ever greater precision, not only when it comes to diagnosis but also drug dosage. The blood work that medical staff rely on is generally a snapshot indicative of the moment the blood is drawn before it undergoes hours – or even days – of analysis.

Several EPFL laboratories are working on devices allowing constant analysis over as long a period as possible. The latest development is the biosensor chip

It’s only a centimetre long, it’s placed under your skin, it’s powered by a patch on the surface of your skin and it communicates with your mobile phone. It’s capable of simultaneously monitoring the concentration of a number of molecules, such as glucose and cholesterol, and certain drugs.

The chip was successfully tested in vivo on mice at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Bellinzona, where researchers were able to constantly monitor glucose and paracetamol levels without a wire tracker getting in the way of the animals’ daily activities.

The results were extremely promising, which means that clinical tests on humans could take place in three to five years – especially since the procedure is only minimally invasive, with the chip being implanted just under the epidermis – Emmanuel Barraud


World First as Scientists Use Virus to Attack Cancer Cells

Scientists have the first proof that a “brand new” way of combating cancer, using genetically modified viruses to attack tumour cells, can benefit patients, paving the way for a “wave” of new potential treatments over the next decade.

The method – known as viral immunotherapy – works by launching a “two-pronged attack” on cancer cells. The virus is genetically modified so that it can’t replicate in healthy cells – meaning it homes in on cancer cells.

Viral immunotherapies are also being investigated for use against advanced head and neck cancers, bladder cancers and liver cancers.

Kevin Harrington, UK trial leader and professor of biological cancer therapies at the ICR and an honorary consultant at the Royal Marsden, said he hoped the treatment could be available for routine use within a year in many countries.

“I hope, having worked for two decades in this field, that it really is the start of something really exciting,” said Professor Harrington. “We hope this is the first of a wave of indications for these sorts of [cancer fighting] agents that we will see coming through in the next decade or so.”

Professor Paul Workman, chief executive of the ICR said: “We may normally think of viruses as the enemies of mankind, but it’s their very ability to specifically infect and kill human cells that can make them such promising cancer treatments.” – Charlie Cooper


Is Europa Habitable?

Europa from Galileo spacecraft

NASA has unveiled how a spacecraft bound for Europa will help to figure out if the Jupiter moon has the right conditions for life, as many scientists think it may.

The mission, expected to launch in the 2020s, will carry nine instruments chosen from 33 proposals, that are specially designed to find out if Europa is habitable.

Evidence so far suggests that beneath Europa’s icy surface is a salty, liquid ocean sitting on a rocky surface punctured by hydrothermal vents that could circulate heat and nutrients.

“After five billion years with conditions like that, it could be a very habitable place,” said Jim Green, director of NASA’s planetary science division, at the news conference. “We believe the environment is just perfect for the potential development of life.”

“If we do find life or indications of life that will be an enormous step forward in our understanding of our place in the universe,” he added. “If there’s life in the solar system and in Europa in particular, it must be everywhere in our galaxy and perhaps even in the universe.” – CBC News


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