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Exploring Anti-Aging Strategies

The body is a complex machine. Like any machine, it wears down over time during its normal course of operations. This is a process of decay and accumulation of damage, so combating aging is simply a technical repair and maintenance problem. There are various types of damage that the body does to itself as a […]

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)

Monday 23rd December 2013 Life Extension Australian and US researchers hope the anti-ageing compound NAD could be trialed on humans as early as next year, following a key breakthrough that saw the ageing process reversed in mice. Two-year-old mice were given NAD over a week, moving back the key indicators of ageing to that of […]

Life Extension

Monday 24th February 2014 Life Expectancy My health regime is a wake-up call to my baby-boomer peers, most of whom are accepting the normal cycle of life and accepting they are getting to the end of their productive years. That’s not my view. Now that health and medicine is in information technology it is going […]

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Saturday 18th January 2015 Peter Thiel, 47, PayPal co-founder and Facebook’s first investor, recently told Bloomberg Television he took human growth hormone (HGH) as part of his regime to reach 120. – Zoe Corbyn   Saturday 12th December 2015 Human Growth Hormone (HGH) stimulates cell reproduction. HGH usually peaks in our twenties and then declines; as […]


Monday 23rd May 2016 Pterostilbene is an Extra-Potent Version of Resveratrol NAD boosters might work synergistically with supplements like resveratrol to help reinvigorate mitochondria and ward off diseases of aging. Elysium is banking on this potential synergy—its NR-containing supplement includes a resveratrol-like substance called pterostilbene (pronounced tero-STILL-bean), which is found in blueberries and grapes. Why […]


Saturday 11th January 2015 Life Extension: Resveratrol Found to Activate Response at 1,000x Lower Doses The first studies of resveratrol in the early 2000s had suggested that it exerts some of its positive effects on health by activating SIRT1, also thought to be a longevity gene. But SIRT1’s role in mediating resveratrol’s reported health-boosting effects has been […]

The SENS Research Foundation

Monday 2nd June 2014 Life Expectancy The British gerontologist Aubrey de Grey considers himself a “simple medical researcher,” but his research is about fiddling with cells to stop ageing in human beings, and potentially postponing death indefinitely. He believes that tackling the individual illnesses that haunt old people’s lives is a fundamentally flawed strategy; the right course of action […]


Sunday 18th January 2015 “We’re now at the point where it’s easy to extend the lifespan of a mouse. That’s not the question any more, it’s can we do this in humans? And I don’t see any reason why we can’t,” says David Sinclair, a researcher based at Harvard. Reason for optimism comes after several […]


Wednesday 11th February 2015 New Technique Fights Aging A new technique, developed by Stanford scientists, can extend the life of cultured cells and offer clues to solving diseases and prolonging life. The technique can quickly increase the length of human telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes. As a result, the treated cells […]

Human Longevity Inc

Monday 10th March 2014 Human Longevity Our new company, Human Longevity (HLI), will be sequencing 40,000 genomes in the first year, growing to 100,000 genomes per year. It’s not just a long life we’re striving for, but one which is worth living. In success, 100 Yr old will be the new “60” – Peter Diamandis […]