Auroracoin has passed Litecoin in Market cap – Bitcoin Kinetics

What is happening is you are giving people in Iceland money because you like them. That’s what Auroracoin is. If that doesn’t appeal to you, don’t own Auroracoin.

If you think about the economics, BTC is flowing into Auroracoin which will be given to Icelanders, which they will dump and take the BTC. It’s a huge bailout. – Bryce Weiner



Ahead of next week’s big airdrop of auroracoin, which was briefly the world’s second most valuable virtual currency, the Icelandic cryptocurrency has seen its value drop by more than 50% in the last 24 hours.

The fall comes after the Icelandic parliament held a closed session to discuss the cryptocurrency on 14 March. Creator of aurora coin, Baldur Friggjar Óðinsson, told CoinDesk that the government didn’t invite him or anyone associated with the virtual currency to take part in the discussions.

50% of auroacoin is due to be distributed to the Icelandic citizens on Tuesday next, 25 March. – David Gilbert



Auroracoin, the biggest surprise of the month of February. To be distributed among every Icelandic on March 25th

The success this country-based coin had achieved within a very short amount of time is spectacular. A classic Litecoin clone, its market capitalization has once even beaten the Litecoin itself.

With each Auroracoin currently trading at $14.23, each Icelander will have about $450. A coin that won’t be retrieved for the next four-months will be again assigned to a new round of the population. Thus, an Icelander has several opportunities to receive around $1,000 worth of Auroracoin.

If Icelanders decide to keep Auroracoin, its market value can see an upsurge. – Yashu Gola


Thursday 1st January 2015

Peak Altcoin Hype

“Don’t let speculative experiments at the margin distract from the most mind-blowingly awesome monetary system mankind has ever seen – Bitcoin proper” – Erik Voorhees, 2013

In 2013 a common line of thinking was that bitcoin’s value would be diluted by copy and paste altcoins (despite obvious evidence to the contrary, Peter Schiff and Warren Buffett still continue to make this claim).

2014 saw hundreds of scam coins and worthless copies come along (Dogecoin and Auroracoin are particularly memorable examples). None have come close to challenging bitcoin as a serious transactional currency with a meaningful network effect. – Lee Banfield



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