In Canada they are going to be running MintCoin. The sovereign currencies are coming. It’s like a governmental issued Bitcoin. It’s going to be centralized by the government. If you look forward 3-5 years, that’s what’s coming. Bitcoin set the pace for this and it will probably emerge as its own thing, but I certainly see governments starting to use this as a replacement for paper cash for a number of reasons. It’s a lot cheaper to produce and it’s impossible to counterfeit (so far) – Steve Beauregard



Government Digital Currencies

MintChip is a Canadian government initiative in electronic currency – Why has it failed, you cry.

Bitcoin has thousands wanting change, Mintchip had a few trying to control change

How can a government project, run by a government agency, tied to the existing government currency, based on a physical chip, limited to one country and relying on governmental software, not have generated the excitement of bitcoin?

What bitcoin and chums have that the Royal Canadian Mint does not isn’t some sort of philosophical purity or magic, God-given genius. It has reddit, Github, blogs and open code.- John Law


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