Monthly Archives: May 2017

Wednesday 31st May

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $2,295   Historic Moment: Bitcoin Surges Past $2,000 Milestone   The Reboot of the Global Monetary System Proceeding as Planned All great human civilizations are built on honest money & free markets. – Pontus Lindblom This is how you bootstrap a free market currency from $0.00 aggregate value to $Trillions. – […]

Friday 5th May

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $1,575   Bitcoin Sets Record High Above $1,600 with $26 Billion┬áMarket Cap Return on Investments Made On: May 5th 2011: 413x May 5th 2012: 330x May 5th 2013: 16x May 5th 2014: 4x May 5th 2015: 7x May 5th 2016: 4x – Lee Banfield   The Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human […]