Sunday 10th December



1 Bitcoin = $15,407

Market Cap = $258 billion


Bitcoin Surges to Record High Above $17,000 in Worldwide Frenzy

  • New All-Time High Market Cap = $288 billion


A Bitcoin World

Imagine an army of geeks and nerds with immense amounts of wealth. They’re coming. And they’re gonna build shit that’ll blow your mind. – Yuri Yerofeyev‏



If you think this price increase has been dramatic, you forgot to change to log scale. We’ve barely gotten started.

Michael Goldstein


“Central Banks Kept Up At Night”

Central bankers appear confused by crytpocurrencies’ surge – some unable to sleep due to the disruptive change looming and others dismissive of the ‘bubble’.

As Reuters reports, it keeps them awake at night because these private currencies threaten their control of the banking system and money supply, which could undermine the monetary policies they use to manage inflation.

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard admitted to Reuters in a recent interview what the real concern was:

“(We could) wake up one day and most of the big banks have been eviscerated and most of that activity has moved elsewhere.” – Tyler Durden


The Wall St Journal: What if Bitcoin Doesn’t Crash?


The Wall Street Journal


The establishment is now getting its first inkling of the existential threat Bitcoin poses to nation states. It is not from anonymous transactions or teenagers illicitly buying pot. It is from the world’s savings fleeing to a censor resistant, uninflatable currency. – Vijay Boyapati


That Dollar is Looking Pretty Volatile…

Andrew DeSantis


There’s a cross-over point — looming much closer than I’d have guessed — where state fiat begins to look too crumbly to hold onto…

When enough people are seriously scared to be deep in gov’t scrip, the real fun begins. – Urban Future (2.1)


The Final Boss Draws Nearer

Ari Paul: Crypto’s success produces regulatory responses as it gets big enough to genuinely threaten power structures. As Naval says, Bitcoin will face the “final boss”…once it levels up enough.

Keith Bean: The next four to six months are really interesting. Gov takes forever to do anything and they must be scrambling trying to figure out how to react.

Taste [HODL]: The final boss’s power exists only in the players’ minds. They hallucinate his authority. Bitcoin will defeat him by exposing the illusion. Once they realise there is no boss, just a small group of thugs, they can simply ignore him. Game over.

Michael Krieger: I fully expect this battle to be won.




1 Bitcoin Cash = $1,324

Market Cap = $22 billion


Bitcoin Maximalism

I think if bch wins that still counts as bitcoin maximalism. – Daniel Krawisz


Value Creating Forks

I think ETC vs ETH split is now established enough to show that a fork can be value creating. – Balaji S. Srinivasan


The Benefits of Staying Diversified Between Forks

– Daniel Krawisz




Market Cap = $415 billion


Total Crypto Market Cap Sets Remarkable All-Time High Above $400 billion

Image result for total cryptocurrency market cap


The Bullish Outlook in April 2017…

Tokens as an asset class have surpassed $30 billion. I predict over $300 billion within 4 years.

Erik Voorhees, April 2017


May 2017…

I’m looking for anywhere over $200B by 2021 as a major success.

Over $1T is geopolitical.

Over $21T is new global financial system.

– Dan McArdle, May 2017


Monero Gaining Popularity and Market Cap

Image result for monero logo

With tumblers going down/under scrutiny and bchain analysis gaining traction, DNM users/vendors find themselves in an interesting place.

Schnorr sigs/other anon features on btc will take time, just like Segwit did. So what happens in the meantime? This is an interesting question because that demand doesn’t just go away. So waiting on Anon features presents an interesting opportunity.

Looks like Monero/XMR is benefiting most from this tailwind. – Matt Khoury




Global Market Cap of All Stocks is Heading Toward $100 Trillion

– Holger Zschaepitz‏




Coinbase Becomes Apple Store’s Top App

Coinbase is number one on the app store surpassing the likes of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Just 4 years ago Apple had actually removed Coinbase less than just a month after launch.

Coinbase recorded over 100,000 new users on two separate single days in early November and added more than a million users in the month of November alone, according to data provided by Atlanta Digital Currency Fund partner Alistair Milne. – Michael K. Spencer


Coindesk Now More Popular than the Financial Times

By Alexa (traffic) and other indicators, Coindesk is larger than FT (Financial Times.) Crypto & bitcoin are taking over the traditional finance industry.

Joseph Young




Related image

5G Debut Set for February at Winter Olympics in South Korea

  • Most of the 5G showcase will happen at Gangneung Olympic Park, while Olympic venues in Gwanghwamoon, Seoul, and other cities will also be in on the next-generation fun.
  • The 5G-powered experiences include gigabit-speed internet access, extremely low-latency video, and immersive livestreaming.

KT Corporation announced last month that it was successful in interconnecting 5G demo networks to Samsung Electronics 5G terminals at the main Olympic stadium and other venues for the upcoming Games, according to Korea Bizwire.

Intel also pitched in to the effort, announcing a few days later that, together with KT, it is contributing 5G technologies toward a showcase of the 5G network’s capabilities.

As part of the demonstration, KT sent bulk images over 5G to the stadium terminals, which were tablets. The demo marked the first successful transmission of 5G services over a 5G network to a real terminal rather than a testing device.

According to Korea Bizwire, now that 5G services and terminals are successfully connected by a 5G network, the next-level telecom technology appears to be in its final stages of development before becoming commercially available. – Max Rettig




The Four Best Books

The four best books are The Fabric of Reality and The Beginning of Infinity by David Detusch, and Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

Everyone should learn this stuff, but currently only a handful of people in the world know much about all four of these books. This material is life-changing because it deals with broad ideas which are important to most of life, and which challenge many things people currently think they know. – Elliot Temple


The Fabric of Reality

  • Quantum Physics
  • The Theory of Evolution (primarily the evolution of living organisms)
  • Epistemology (the theory of knowledge)
  • The Theory of Computation (about computers and what they can and cannot, in principle, compute)

Such deep and diverse connections have been discovered between the basic principles of these four apparently independent subjects that it has become impossible to reach our best understanding of any one of them without also understanding the other three.

The four of them taken together form a coherent explanatory structure that is so far-reaching, and has come to encompass so much of our understanding of the world, that in my view it may already properly be called the first real Theory of Everything. Thus we have arrived at a significant moment in the history of ideas — the moment when the scope of our understanding begins to be fully universal. Up to now, all our understanding has been about some aspect of reality, untypical of the whole. In the future it will be about a unified conception of reality: all explanations will be understood against the backdrop of universality, and every new idea will automatically tend to illuminate not just a particular subject, but, to varying degrees, all subjects.

The dividend of understanding that we shall eventually reap from this last great unification may far surpass that yielded by any previous one. For we shall see that it is not only physics that is being unified and explained here, and not only science, but also potentially the far reaches of philosophy, logic and mathematics, ethics, politics and aesthetics; perhaps everything that we currently understand, and probably much that we do not yet understand.

David Deutsch, The Fabric of Reality




Quantum Supremacy Could be Just Weeks Away

Rumors have swelled that Google will announce “quantum supremacy” soon—essentially, that they will have created a quantum processing device that can solve a problem provably and unequivocally faster than a regular computer can.

Google is in the midst of fabricating their 49 or 50 qubit quantum supremacy device this month, and will begin testing in two weeks (not taking Christmas vacation delays into account), said Martinis.

“Press releases always talk about quantum space race in number of qubits,” said John Martinis, University of California, Santa Barbara physicist working with Google on their Quantum Supremacy project. “It’s more than just quantity, it’s qubit quality.” – Ryan F. Mandelbaum


Gene Therapy Went Through a ~20 Year “Winter”, Then This in < 1 Month

Eric Topol


Stem Cell Clinical Trials Show Remarkable Results Against Age-Related Frailty

The studies show that the approach used is effective in tackling multiple key age-related factors.

The researchers wrote:

Treated groups had remarkable improvements in physical performance measures and inflammatory biomarkers, both of which characterize the frailty syndrome.

Aging research has made significant progress in the last few years, with senescent-cell-clearing therapies entering human trials this year, DNA repair in human trials, and a number of other exciting therapies nearing human testing.

This also marks an important step for rejuvenation biotechnology, as this is the first stem-cell treatment that is close to final FDA approval for specifically targeting age-related frailty. Should this be approved, then it opens the door for other similar approaches and the potential treatment of many age-related diseases. – Steve Hill


How to Give Mars an Atmosphere, Maybe

What a crazy cool idea – a well-placed magnet to protect Mars from the solar wind, & thus grow its atmosphere. – Chris Hadfield


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