Wednesday 12th September



1 Bitcoin = $6,315

Market Cap = $109 billion


Bitcoin Settlement Volumes Surpass the OTC Gold Market

Bitcoin settlement data from CM:

Conservatively, (adjusted estimates), Bitcoin has settled $848b this year, and is on track to settle $1.38T.

Bitcoin, it appears, has quietly surpassed the OTC gold market in settlement volumes. – nic carter


This Technology Gives You a Choice.

If you’re in Venezuela and your government is in a death spiral you can say “I’m going to take some of my money and convert it to bitcoin or have someone send me bitcoin from another country and I’m going to be able to provide food for my children. And I’m going to be called a terrorist by my own government, and i’m going to break the law, and my children are going to get fed”.

We know of people who actually bought food on Amazon Prime, had it shipped to Colombia and smuggled into Venezuela using bitcoin. Food.

Andreas Antonopoulos




Market Cap = $189 billion


Binance Coin

Just one of the interesting things  told me this week at lcx event: 90% of binance employees choose to receive their salary in BNB tokens. Smart people. – Michael Arrington


“CoinMarketCap Daily Volume Top” vs “SimilarWeb Total Visits Top” for Exchanges



Bear Market Bottoms

To me “market capitulation” is not about fear, but rather about disgust and indifference.

Fearful investors still have hope, capitulated investors don’t. – Tuur Demeester





One of the worst things about the Venezuelan crisis is how the government is not interested nor willing to issue new passports to citizens. They don’t have the materials and supplies needed to fabricate them.

It’s so fucking disgraceful to be without an international identity document, and unable to exit your country to seek refuge elsewhere.

There is also the problem of Venezuelans who are stuck in other countries (even illegally) without the possibility of going back home because their passport expired while being outside of Venezuela. – Eduardo Gomez




Turing Complete

Explanatory universality. The most significant phenomenon in physics. – David Deutsch


An ape brain, evolved for raw survival on the African savanna, is capable, without further evolution, of

* Understanding the expanding universe

* Building quantum theory

* Computers


* Coordinating the pianist’s fast fingers

* Being moved to tears by Bach & Shakespeare

Richard Dawkins


High Fidelity Sets New Virtual Reality Record of 256 Avatars Together

Our server logs confirm that we hit 256 people concurrent, all able to hear and see each other. That’s a new high for us, and we think it’s possibly a world record for a VR-enabled multi-user environment.

The most amazing thing, though, is what’s impossible to capture in a blog post — the excitement of having that many people from all over the world together in one virtual place.

I called out names as people joined, and afterward the official event ended, I walked around and tried to shake everyone’s hand and become friends. – Philip Rosedale


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