Monthly Archives: October 2018

Friday 12th October

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $6,304 Market Cap = $109 billion   goTenna & Samourai Wallet’s Mobile App Works Without Internet Access Powered by goTenna Mesh, TxTenna is an Android app that enables off-grid broadcasts of signed Bitcoin transactions from Samourai Wallet. Without relying on cell service or an internet connection, goTenna Mesh generates a signal […]

Friday 5th October

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $6,592 Market Cap = $114 billion   Drivechain Released for Testing A proposal to radically expand the capabilities of bitcoin such that it would be able to add vast new features has arrived on testnet. Paul Sztorc revealed the test version, a development that comes nearly three years after the idea was first conceived […]

Quarterly Roundup – Q3 2018

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $6,487 Market Cap = $112 billion   Bitcoin Dominance Index Back Above 50% Now at 52%, up from an all-time low of 33% in January. August was the first month this year that Bitcoin accounted for over half the value of crypto assets.   Bitcoin Settlement Volumes Surpass the OTC Gold Market Bitcoin […]