Friday 5th October



1 Bitcoin = $6,592

Market Cap = $114 billion


Drivechain Released for Testing

A proposal to radically expand the capabilities of bitcoin such that it would be able to add vast new features has arrived on testnet.

Paul Sztorc revealed the test version, a development that comes nearly three years after the idea was first conceived in November 2015.

Since then, momentum has built for the proposal, now hailed as perhaps the best way to implement sidechains on bitcoin.

Sztorc wrote:

“If this ‘multi-network coin’ idea is found to be viable, it has profound implications for the crypto’s most salient problems. Bitcoin would be able to copy, without controversy, any technology, including: larger blocks, Turing-completeness, and ring signatures.”

Pete Rizzo


Government Spending on Blockchain Analysis Increasing

  • The FBI has the most contracts with analysis firms, but the IRS and ICE are spending the most.

Since the beginning of the year, the amount that the government agencies paid to blockchain analysis companies more than tripled.

The vast majority of government deals have been contracted to New-York based Chainalysis.

Chainalysis has inked deals amounting to $5.3Mn, while the largest contract of $1.6Mn came in August from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Chainalysis is followed by Elliptic and CipherTrace.

Companies that are focused exclusively on blockchain analysis have collectively raised $28.8Mn to date. –


The More Paypal, Patreon, Visa, and Mastercard Censor, the Stronger Bitcoin Becomes.

  • Stripe just banned Gab from processing payments. As I said before, Alex Jones was just a test. – Mark Kern

Ever since the Wikileaks days, the censorship-resistant cryptocurrency has offered a lifeline to those excluded by the global financial system. And not just the dubious conspiracy peddlers like Alex Jones, but unsung members of the public who find themselves in financial straits through no fault of their own.

Vloggers. Sex workers. Conservatives. Iranians. People from every strata of society, with nothing in common, save for a shared grievance. All have found themselves locked out without warning by their payment provider. Account frozen. Funds seized. Lifeline severed.

Bitcoin doesn’t care who you are, what you’re supposed to have done, or why there’s a mob baying for your blood. And in an era where anyone can be deemed persona non grata and booted from the major highways of the web with no recourse to appeal, Bitcoin is more vital than ever.

– Kai Sedgwick




Market Cap = $219 billion


Bulletproofs Coming to Monero

  • Monero issues regularly scheduled hard forks, which are upgrades to the Monero network.
  • The upcoming v8 hard fork will enable bulletproofs, with v9 making bulletproofs mandatory.

With bulletproofs fees will be reduced by ~80%, the blockchain growth will be smaller and the network faster!

12 days to go.



Less Than a Year Before Inflation Becomes Lower in Monero Than in Bitcoin

Fernando Nieto


Andreessen Horowitz Invests $15M to Buy 6% of MakerDAO Tokens

Autonomous smart-contract lending.

Maker was launched in December 2017.

Since then it’s issued 3270 loans worth $114m ($12m per mo).

Ryan Sean Adams


Popular Thai Foreign Exchange Chain Superrich to Add Cryptocurrencies

Super Rich: Popular Thai Foreign Exchange Chain to Add Cryptocurrencies

The company has 49 locations in Thailand, one in Cambodia, one in Britain, and is also in talks with regulators to start operations in Laos.

The president of Superrich, Piya Tantivachayanon, was quoted saying: ‘We would offer digital asset exchange for travellers…The company also plans to offer an e-wallet service”.

Kevin Helms




Image result for "5g"

  • The U.S. is likely to have the first working 5G networks by the end of this year, but only in a few cities.
  • Korean carriers will all launch 5G at the same time in March 2019
  • China’s wireless carriers have pledged large-scale 5G launches by 2020

Consumers won’t notice a difference until they upgrade to phones compatible with 5G technology, which won’t become widely available until at least 2019. But when 5G is fully functioning in several years, it will be so fast that people can download full-length movies on their phones in a few seconds instead of several minutes currently.

“The Ubers, the Airbnbs, the Netflixes of the world came about because of 4G,” says Rob McDowell. “No one foresaw the app economy coming. What’s exciting about 5G is that nobody can really fathom what’s going to happen.”

Having easily accessible 4G on AT&T and Verizon networks helped entrepreneurs test ideas like Snapchat. It also persuaded people to use data-intensive smartphone apps, when they might have lacked the patience to wait for Instagram videos and pictures to load on slower 3G networks.

The technology could also reshape the landscape for telecommunications firms. If people can download huge amounts of data at ultrafast speeds, wireless connections could be powerful enough to replace cable and internet providers that need to plug wires into homes. – Stu Woo




When I show this graph in Asia, the audiences love it, and seem to take it as an aspirational road map.

But when I show this graph in Europe and North America, I often receive more ambivalent reactions. ‘We can’t just keep growing forever!’ some say. ‘We’ll destroy the planet!’ say others. – Jonathan Haidt


Senolytics: Removing Senescent Cells Staves Off Dementia in Mice

Flushing out these cells was shown to prevent damage, potentially opening a new line of attack against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Initially senescent cells were thought to be inert bystanders – useless, but harmless.

However, in the past decade that picture has changed as evidence has emerged linking senescent cells to Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and ageing itself. The latest study adds dementia to this list.

Hannhah Devlin


The Rejuvenation Roadmap

Want to see how close we are to having effective therapies against aging in humans?

Check out the Rejuvenation Roadmap to see where we are now.



Promising Stem Cell Therapies and Technologies

Regrowing the thymus using human growth hormone (HGH) and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

As the human body ages, the thymus begins to shrink, and fewer numbers of T cells are created and trained to fight.

This structural decay of the thymus is one of the main reasons why we become increasingly vulnerable to infectious diseases, such as influenza and pneumonia.

The trial was conducted under an FDA-approved IND (investigational new drug) application and with a review from multiple scientific and ethics committees.

Basic tests of immune system aging indicated that there were improvements in 8 of the 9 men in the trial. Additionally, they were able to identify a possible reason and a potential solution for the ninth volunteer’s lack of response to the treatment.

We anticipate that this initial study will lead to larger phase 1 human trials in the near future.


Mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs) therapy to treat age-related frailty

In 2017 a phase 2 clinical trial for  was launched.

An improved level of physical performance level was observed in patients, and, the level of systemic inflammation, was reduced. There were no adverse effects observed in the patients.

Treated groups showed remarkable improvements in physical performance measures and inflammatory biomarkers, both of which characterize the frailty syndrome.

The next step for the researchers here is to begin a phase 2b clinical trial with 120 patients in ten different locations.

Following the conclusion of this, a large randomized phase 3 trial will be launched, and this will be the final barrier to public approval for the therapy.

The Rejuvenation Roadmap


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