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Quarterly Roundup – Q1 2016

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $414   Banks Will Fail┬áNot Bitcoin The bitcoin network has been running without interruption for seven years now; a feat no banking system can claim. What began as a small experiment is now a rapidly expanding ecosystem. There are so many people using it now that we have to plan for […]

Tuesday 29th March

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $413   Bitcoin Growing in Venezuela Venezuelan bitcoin exchange SurBitcoin volume and trades Venezuela’s state media says Bitcoin is primarily used by criminals and terrorists: Venezuelan Government Lambasts Bitcoin as Currency of Criminals Hopefully the fact that the Venezuelan government is promoting this falsehood shows that Bitcoin is gaining traction in […]

Sunday 13th March

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $413   Bullish Case for Bitcoin Negative interest rates Efforts to ban cash Mobile growth Capital controls Currency wars I couldn’t dream of more bullish case for bitcoin. – Barry Silbert   “Bitcoin” vs. “Bitcoins” Noob interest in acquiring Bitcoin is exploding … – Alistair Milne   Cabin Fever Bitcoin ecosystem […]