BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $240   The Establishment Academics are salty over Bitcoin because it is a more significant achievement than their works, accomplished without grants or publication – Kristov Atlas   Bitcoin Detractors In reality what the Bitcoin detractors have as their sole remaining tool is a campaign of FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) […]

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $237   The “Blockchain Not Bitcoin” Fad Antonis Polemitis: My guess is most people in this bucket have never actually used a Bitcoin wallet directly. Look, everything about Bitcoin is WORSE than a normal database except for the ‘permissionless’ part. Pierre Rochard: Bitcoin as a currency will be largest use case, […]

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $244   Node Count We are below 6000 bitcoin nodes again. for comparison, TOR has about 7000 – Yifu Guo   Decreasing the Time Interval Between Blocks cedivad: Please remind me once again why we can’t decrease the time interval between blocks instead of increasing their size gavinandresen: I think 1-minute […]

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $236   Price It was only 2 years and 1 month ago that people were ecstatic about bitcoin hitting $100 for the first time – Roger Ver   Goldman Sachs Has Called the Virtual Currency a Coming “Megatrend” Goldman Sachs is becoming the first major bank to make a significant investment in […]

BITCOIN The smallest act like buying a drink with Bitcoin is a hammer that chips away at the enemy’s power – Beautyon 1 Bitcoin = $233   The Power to Pay Without Permission Bitcoin creates a fixed-supply currency with no issuer. Bitcoin is successful because it does the one thing central banks won’t. Quite a few […]

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $223   Blockchain vs. Bitcoin Progressive guardians of globalized fiat finance vs. Reactionary crypto-gold souverainistes. That’s the blockchain vs Bitcoin debate. The Bitcoin phenomena is fundamentally not about technology or payments or fintech etc. It’s about money itself – full stop. Blockchain tech, smart contracts, timestamping etc are just epiphenomena that gain momentum […]

BITCOIN This really has the power to change just about everything. If we can get the State out of manipulating currency it would make a much nicer life for just about everybody on this planet. – Michael Covel 1 Bitcoin = $226   Bitcoin Adoption Certain countries will fall right in the sweet spot. I’m […]


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